15th of May 2013 0

Ladyboy Miss Tiffany 2009, becomes a monk (video)

It is strange in Thailand. You are born as a man, but you want to look like a woman. After choosing breast implants you (partially) woman. A beautiful woma..


11th of May 2013 0

Corrupt police caught Bangkok (video)

A video of corrupt policemen in Bangkok made on May 5, is via social media the world over and has been a quarter of a million views. Unfortunately we are a..


19th of April 2013 0

Video of mistreatment Thai soldier hit on social media

A solid beating of a recruit of the Thai army is rapidly distributed via social media, writes Bangkok Post. recruit is insulted, beaten and kicked repeated..


7th of April 2013 0

2013 Songkran celebration in Bangkok? Go to Bangkok! (Video)

Should Dutch and Belgian tourists between 13 and 15 April in Bangkok or you can arrive there the Songkran festival in full glory through. Where must you go..


21st of March 2013 0

Video with violence against Burmese prostitutes leads to outrage in Thailand

A video which is likely to see police officers who mistreat Burmese prostitutes, has led to much outrage in Thailand. video on Youtube (probably shot with ..


18th of March 2013 0

Dutchman in Pathum Thani unprovoked beaten up (video)

Late last night, a 48-year-old Dutchman by six Thai youths were beaten. The man walked around EENA internetcafà ©  near the Manhattan Hotel in Pathum T..


31st of January 2013 0

Tourist participates own skull along from Thailand (video)

the British newspaper Daily Mail is a bizarre story of a British tourist in his hand a piece of his skull took home after a holiday in Thailand. The 32-yea..


13th of January 2013 0

Visa Thailand (video)

When a tourist to Thailand to get a visa. Go less than 30 days then it is quite simple. You get when you walk through the airport, a free visa for up to 30..


10th of January 2013 0

Sex tourism is not only a male affair (video)

Many European men who regularly travel to Thailand will face prejudice and stigmaâ € ™ s. Some destinations in Asia «including Thailand and the Phili..


6th of October 2012 0

Chao Phraya River Tour (Video)

An excellent way to explore Bangkok is a cruise on the Chao Phraya River. The Chao Phraya plays an important role in the history of Bangkok. Through the ce..


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