Thai holiday with your partner in an ASEAN country?

8th of August 2013 0

Thai holiday with your partner in an ASEAN country?

Thai holiday with your girlfriend hur Thai partner on holiday in an ASEAN country?

With you Thai couple on holiday in an ASEAN country?

From the beginning of a long series of trips to the Far East in my working life I was â € € œverliefdâ in Thailand and Indonesia «. The love for Thailand was a bit bigger, probably because I came so often and knew better than the land that was once a colony of the Netherlands. The attraction of Indonesia “, including the food, which is my favorite and the memories of the Dutch recognizable influences in the country, however, I never vergeten.Â

Now I live quite a while in Thailand, have been with my Thai wife twice to Europe and last year we decided a week to go to Bali. No sooner said than done. We quite enjoyed ourselves, though, there is not, but it was a slight disappointment, especially for my wife. We took a first class hotel on the quiet east side of the island, the sea, nice pool and a fine restaurant (â € œja nice enough, but we have also in Thailand). Good food in the restaurant and in the village (â € œwaarom they do not have Thai food Hiera €), trips made in heavy traffic (â € œwat drive people here Wilda €) by beautiful scenery (â € œI find Thailand mooierâ €) to include a monkey colony (â € we œmoesten specially to Indonesia «?).

A few days ago I met Harry again, a jovial Limburger, who with his wife and daughter live in Buriram and occasionally coming to Pattaya. They had just returned from a vacation, yes, also to Bali, and came before she went back to Buriram to Pattaya for a few days. â € Œ, how was Bali? â € I asked. I got about, albeit in slightly different terms, just to hear that I have described. Above the objections of his wife No real success so, two days shopping in Pattaya had that disappointment negate!

Mind you, my wife (and I think the wife of Harry too) is really not a whiner, but it was all a bit against her, no real new experiences as they had gained in Europe. I had already decided to neighboring countries to make any holiday trips while in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and even I would quite like to look tacitly. If it happens, then at least without her, but better with a bunch of European friends.

I am wondering if the blog reader recognizes what Harry and I have experienced. with a trip to an ASEAN country Have you been with your Thai partner in a neighboring country and, if so, how did they do that?

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