Thai love? Do not even start!

6th of May 2012 0

Thai love? Do not even start!

MG 9641b 196x300 Thai love? Do not even start! “Would you recommend to a friend with a Thai woman to marry?” asked the interviewer on the phone. And to my surprise I heard myself say ‘no’.

Three interviews I have given the last time after it became known that the number of men with a Thai relationship in the Netherlands had doubled. I really enjoyed yourself to the issue and to see how my colleagues with me and went about my story. For me it raised hardly any surprise that the interviews had a good balance and not my words were torn from their context. But security did not. Because, as rumored, journalists are rarely trustworthy.

Boute pronunciation

That’s a nice, of those puzzle pieces. Because it took a while before we had found the appropriate pieces. It took a lot of patience and understanding from both sides. I’m very honest: If I had known in advance where I started, I would have thought me think twice.

Cares me

fledgling relationship begins immediately worry about her sincerity. Is she in love? Or is she doing it just for my money? Then you have to do with culture you know nothing and understand nothing. It is expected that a bride price paid. That you feel about negotiating. With language family that you do not know, and you do not understand principled conscience. Then cost you a fortune to get her to the Netherlands. Make no mistake, within a year or two you between 5000 and 10,000 euros. Tickets, naturalization, grant, bride price etc etc. And if they do then, you’re with a woman the first time completely depends on you.

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Then she is finally in the Netherlands with a man who is still a bit sour about all the money that he lost his wife. She comes in a country that is full of sour people. Where people hardly laugh at the slightest upset and also let you know. In front of everyone. A coarse folk that demands respect, but rarely without a boost. In order not to talk about climate. For months she’s cold and headaches. Because sometimes we have four seasons in one day. And there is the Thai body not built

Total other country

No recommendation

This is not as you realize all your new love’s first kiss and give her eternal love and loyalty promised. When the journalist asked the question Nieuwe Revu me or my friends flashed a Thai wife would recommend this process for over three years through my mind. So I suddenly said, ‘No, I would not do. They have no idea what they’re getting. “

Fortunately, I knew not three years ago. Because the pieces finally fell into place yet.

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