Thai massage through the eyes of a woman

22nd of August 2012 0

Thai massage through the eyes of a woman

Foot and Thai massage stick through the eyes of a woman Since most stories on this blog are written from the perspective of a man I thought I leave the plunge even attract a woman and my story about my experience in Thailand do.

For years I’ve been to slowly transition to Thailand and in recent years I have become more in Thailand than in Netherlands I also includes the relevant Thai massages are and understand nothing of those stories about a “Happy Ending”? I cry quite often during a massage but that is not so happy because I’m stronger I am very unhappy at that moment.


I have over the years due painful massages by different masseuses behind even with some bruises and after I years many have held (why?) decided one day I me not to hurt and now Bauw Bauw calling which means softer, softer.

So now I have a new masseuse called Phoe, I can tell you the massage of Phoe Phoe are not easy, Phoe but just a piece of cake to beginnenâ € |

Phoe may me a po (o) tje break figuratively speaking. Phoe is the type tremendously interested in the human body and especially in the defects of the human body. Now it is not unusual for a masseuse occurs as a semi doctor and very interesting theories «n keeping alive but Phoe know her knowledge in an interesting way to substantiate and I’m so sensitive.

A few days after my arrival in Thailand, I suddenly suffered from a cramp like pain in my leg, I can hardly describe exactly how that feels, but take it from me that it is not pleasant especially if the pain sometimes pulls to the ankles and I like a granny five minutes to polar bears to the pain lowering, since you just turned 50 to say the least not happy especially as you hardly understand that you are 50 and you yourself even as youthful thirties (to name just a number to call) sees.


 reflex Thai massage through the eyes of a woman Anyway I had a massage so urgently needed and so I came Phoe rightly Phoe obviously felt immediately that my leg something was wrong and began to treat me that this treatment regularly tears in my eyes, and that this was not the emotions may be clear to you! But as I said in my poor Thai and Phoe her poor English she knew to convince me of her skill and I decided to do a follow-up massage.

Phoe and I are now friends, in Thailand it is quite common for when you have mutual interests or together once or twice met and laughed together while having to talk about my friend, I’m here now more “friends” than (fifty years) Netherlands …

Nice to know that Phoe and I during the massage each other’s language learning which sometimes leads to hilarious scenes ever a Thai word fly out to speak? Conversely, I will save my terrible judgments but I do my best.


My friend Phoe started at one point about reflexology for two hours each day Thai massage is so boring and sometimes you invent something fun to get things to keep things interesting is not it? I therefore foot reflexology now if you think that a Thai massage painful than I recommend you highly recommend a reflexology off, you should see something like this, the feeling of a foot reflexology can, I think, compared to the pain of a childbirth, please note I am not saying that it is the same as childbirth and actually I know not whether that pain is comparable because I have no children but never mind.

Phoe thinks otherwise, the will not surprise you that Phoe immediately felt to feel that I bother going to get with pregnant and said I do but visit a doctor to go, honestly I must admit that Phoe did not know that I just fifty’ve become and so decided this as a great compliment to see.

My joy was short lived because they subsequently met other defects and behind that defects they come during reflexology only if they have a sneaky kind of stick in a certain place deep in your feet poking (here I mean not the gentle, friendly poking someone on Facebook) and its cries of pain, which is a sign that something in your body is not right.

Unfortunately age is defective and proved to me there is a blockage to sit in my hearing, my sight and my memory, not surprising considering my age but Phoe thinks , you guessed it, otherwise … Phoe is now working to all my blockages even though I hardly even these blocks into the holes and therefore had little bother me but yes vain as I am, I would like to test “what is your real age” well off the bus coming.

Conclusion, I am now addicted to Thai massage and everything to do well, while I regularly doubt whether the pain I mentioned must undergo is necessary and useful, it is still too early to let you know if I have to benefit from the time I put my fate in the hands of Phoe and keep you informed.

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