Thai men have more sex than their wives

25th of November 2011 0

Thai men have more sex than their wives

viagra Thai men have sex more than women The study of drug giant Pfizer (Viagra) is a notable discrepancy forward.

Thai men have a monthly average of 7.7 times community, while their female compatriots have sex only 5.7 times. The conclusion of the study ‘Ideal Sex in Asia “is obvious, but are up to you.

The survey of 1658 men and 1624 women between 31 and 74 in China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia , Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand reveals that Indonesian men with a monthly average of 9.8 times the most community in Asia, followed by Filipino men by 9.4 times and 8.8 times with Indian men sex. The Thai men score is not particularly high by 7.7 times. Indian women report monthly 8.7 times, followed by Indonesian and Malaysian women 6.8. The Thai professor of sexology Pansak Sugkraroek states in the investigation that an erect penis is the key to a satisfying community ( sic). 90 percent of men in Malaysia, agrees. An estimated 2.7 million Thai men have problems with what he says neatly described as “erectile dysfunction, impotence so. Only 27,000 of them allow themselves to this treatment. According to the learned, medications may help, but also exercise and healthy eating is important in this context.

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