Thai PM: “Rising prices is only temporary problem”

18th of March 2012 0

Thai PM: “Rising prices is only temporary problem”

yingluck Thai Prime Yingluck Shinawatra called the rising prices of food and consumer a “temporary problem” and says that in June will be solved. It reports the Bangkok Post today. According Yingluck, who last year was elected Prime Minister of Thailand, the increased prices due to the floods that hit the country last year. This was an important part of Thailand’s manufacturing industry and partly in some places to a complete standstill. It led to speculation among investors and traders, so that for example the prices of food since the flood has risen considerably. According to the Thai Ministry of Commerce, prices are not higher than they were last year around this time. But the political situation remains stable, has Yingluck government’s much benefit to bring down prices. One of Yingluck’s election promises was the minimum wage and the wages of graduates increase. Critics, however, as Yingluck’s political opponents say the measure has no effect. It has only ensured that there are now more sought for fresh vegetables or palm oil. To further reduce the prices, the Prime Minister also suggested that SOEs reduce their energy consumption by 10 percent. That should prevent energy prices through the roof, is the idea. The government also wants to investigate whether it is possible to make greater use of alternative energy sources. What Bangkok have in mind, remains unknown. Although critics say is questionable whether it can succeed Yingluck inflation is a halt, would lower prices for food, fuel and consumer products provide a solution for a large proportion of the population. Many Thai currently have trouble making ends to tie up alongside their regular work and have a second or even third job search.

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