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30th of October 2013 10

Thai Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand – My Thai Breakfast

Thailand Food

This is my Thai breakfast : Thai street food vendors prepare various types of Thai street food including Sweet Crispy Noodles ( Mee Grop, Mee Krop ), Thai Sp…
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10 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Xtariz 8:16 am 30/10 of 2013

    You can also call it Thai salad :D

  2. Applepie281 8:37 am 30/10 of 2013

    where is this place??

  3. RuralBreakfast 8:42 am 30/10 of 2013

    Thai street food is excellent, all over Thailand :)

  4. MASTERD128 8:43 am 30/10 of 2013

    Dear sincery,
    you must use cheese or milk product because the hungry come quickly,
    no chilisss and neverrrr fish sauce is wrong it destoy the body :-)
    Please tell to another people.

    Thank you in advance.
    I am asean philosoph ;-)

  5. anthony star 9:26 am 30/10 of 2013

    Got to luv the coconut ice cream in the hot weather

  6. Not your business 9:29 am 30/10 of 2013

    I traveled to Thailand once and I love their cuisine. Please make more videos, teach us how to make Thai food please! Especially authentic street food, like boat noodle! I love your channel by the way :)

  7. Sasiwan B. 9:34 am 30/10 of 2013

    I luv that.

  8. Jidapa Sookprasert 10:12 am 30/10 of 2013

    woww yummy

  9. rotcataergeht 11:03 am 30/10 of 2013

    BETTER than burgers fries dogs pizzas n chit!!

  10. Grillchips 11:11 am 30/10 of 2013

    Sooooo delicious!!!


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