- Thai words that you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

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Thai words that you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Tino Cleaners 300x239 Thai words that you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask Should that be, asks you may wonder? Do I really have sex words to learn? Well, you do not, you know. You can also just skip this article. But I assure you that it is very nice to know. These words Finally, do not you know all Thais them and why we

A few days ago I was in a restaurant, a neat opportunity, with singing and girls who sit at your table. I have quite a few of those words practiced and I was the hero of the evening!

I was told that I should not write the most vile words and I do not do because moderatorâ € ™ s will is law. You never weet or children also read along, he said. What do you say? Children already know all those words? There you can best be right about that. My son, now fourteen, she knew before I did.

Ruler of the World 300x184 Thai words that you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask I have the words divided into genteel (as in books are), tidy (as you would with your doctor or your friends can use) and normal (between you and your partner, and close friends, I call anything) but that is very vloeiend. (Psst, yet a tip: that very dirty words staan or grandpa, words, which are already used) almost exclusively in abuse


Thai is a surprisingly fine and varied language. There are in Thai or more than thirty words for penis, vagina for more than twenty and more than thirty before intercourse. I can not mention them all. I made a choice, in particular on the basis of an estimate how often they are used.


careful! Refer to thailand blog, otherwise you get questions like: where did you learn that

Display: a midrange; Ã low tone, high tone ¡Ã, Ã ¢ falling tone, rising tone cz

dignified, neat, funny or just thai script phonetic spelling, pronunciation meaning, explanation

male sex

posh AWA jà ¡¡Wà ¡ª PHA edchaai male genitalia
posh leung penis, Pali, very respectable
posh Antha ¡ testis
neat à ¸ à ¹ Sà ¸-à ¸ cà ³ ck penis, in the city
neat à ¸ “à ¸ ‘à ¹ SÃ ¸ dÃ-ck penis, in the city
funny chà ¢ o lÃ’k â € ~ ruler of the worldâ € ™, often in the newspaper
just à ¸ «à ¸ ³ hÇŽm penis was too, also scrotum
just thÃ’nlam in erotic stories: â € ~ piece boomstamâ € ™
just à ¹ “à ¸, à ¹ Kha i literally â € ~ € ™ EIA, balls

female genital

posh AWA jà ¡¡Wà ¡ª PHA edjÇ ng female genital
posh chÃ’ngkhlÃ’t vagina, literally birth canal
posh joni vagina, Pali, very respectable
neat CHC m vagina, especially in children
just à ¸ «à ¸-à ¸ ¢ hÇ’i vagina, can barely
just à ¹ à ¸ • à ¸ ‘ or Â Â Â Â Â à ¹ € à ¸ ¡à ¹ ‡ à ¸ “ mà © tà et or t clitoris
funny KLA ¬ p Kula ap literally rose petal, vulva



posh à ¸ ¡à ¸ μ mie PHA ª edsÇŽmphan intercourse
posh rÃ’eamsÇŽngwà ¢ at same but very dignified
neat rÃ’eamphà ª ed  you can use anywhere
just à ¹ € à ¸-à ¸ ² à ¸ à ¸ ± à ¸ ™ aowkan most used word: â € ~ € ™ vrijenâ
just à ¸ ™ à ¸-à ¸ ™ à ¸ à ¸ ± à ¸ ™ nonkan slapenâ together â € ~ € ™
just jÃ’engkan stoeienâ together â € ~ € ™
just NCHA ª là ³ é more extramarital sentence


posh à ¹, à ¸ ​​£ à ¸ à ¸ à ¸ ² à ¸ ¡ rÃ’kkaam Kaam’s sexual desire and rÃ’k’s disease
funny à ¹, à ¸ ​​£ à ¸ à ¸ ª à ¸ ¸ à ¸ à ¸ , ª à ¸ ™ rÃ’ksà ² eksÇ’n literally â € ~ the naughty ziekteâ € ™

sexual arousal

neat Nga enan  ® crave sex Â
just SC eaw are excited, â € ~ that’s good! â € ™



posh tha> ungchà ² ² ETSA etjÃ’d literally â € ~ € ™ book highlight bereikenâ language
posh sÇŽmrà © dkhwaamkhrà ¢ i also book language, but fun
just sà ¨ d sà ¨ d means â € ~ € ™ klaarâ
funny Kha ª un sawan là ¡ew â € ~ € ™ ascended to the Celestial Astrology

seed (release)

genteel à ¸ ™ à ¹ ‰ à ¸ ³ nà ¡² Amasa ECHA  semen, seed Â
neat Nga là ¡² Amasa ECHA ejaculation
just à ¸ ™ à ¹ ‰ à ¸ ³ à ¹ à ¸ • à ¸   , ( à ¸-à ¸-à ¸ ) am nà ¡tà ek (à ² ok)  ⠀ ~ water breaks, collapsed UITA € ™



posh â € ~ cum by jezelfâ € ™ man and woman
just Sà ¸ à ¸ ± à ¸ à ¸ § à ¹ à ¸ ² à ¸ § chà ¡¢ Kwa aw â € ~ € ™ vliegerenâ (man)
just chÃ’eaytoeaà ¨ eng yourself make do (woman)
funny paisa nÇŽamlÇ’eang â € ~ to Sanaam Loeang gaana € ™ there is a lot of fliers
funny à ¹ enaangthà mà ¢ ¡¢ nghà a â € ~ all five vingersâ € ™
just à ¸ • à ¸ à ¹ € à ¸ ‡ à ¹ SÃ ¸ “ tokbed literally â € ~ fish with hengelâ € ™? (Woman)


virgin sÇŽawbà ² ² sÃ-rà etc. virgin (woman), gravity
virgin à ¸ «à ¸ JC ngsÃ-ngsÃ-ng adolescent word of â € ~ € ™ Virgina?
his virginity SC easÇŽaw virginity loss (woman)
libertine OCHA chà ¢ ³ é man and woman
adultery pidmiea commit adultery (man)
adultery pidphÇ’ea commit adultery (woman)
what should be here? aowpratoelÇŽng â € ~ through achterdeurâ € ™

That’s it. Put it to your advantage. Retire nothing of frowns when you start using it. Nothings It takes some getting used to your partner and friends. Comes naturally good and then it’s fun. Does anyone have an addition or a question?

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