Cheap to Thailand

Cheap to Thailand

How can one get to Thailand for the cheapest possible price? Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Time of travel

As often as possible to travel outside peak hours or during the off season. Often you can save money if you one day earlier or later departure. If you want to fly great plan then preferably not a flight school in fall. Often advantageous if you book your flight on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday leave and has a retourdag on a Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday falls. For intercontinental flights it is best to fly on Tuesday or Wednesday.

2. Saturday Night

Always try at least one Saturday night in your itinerary to take. You are often much cheaper.

3. Book early or late

The most expensive book your air travel between 30 and 7 days before departure. An airline will benefit from an airplane as quickly as possible to get booked. Therefore they encourage their customers to their flights as early as possible to order and offer the first flights often quite beneficial to. If an aircraft is not yet fully booked for the aircraft they will still fill up just before leaving the last seats at fire sale prices to offer. To popular destinations or flights scarce walk or the risk that you are missing the boat.

4. Other airport

Do not limit yourself to only looking at the nearest airport. Especially now that the Dutch government has decided by July 1, 2008 to the so called vliegtax voeren.Vaak much cheaper can you fly from a regional airport (Rotterdam, Eindhoven) and foreign airport, for example, Belgium (Brussels) or Germany (Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Mönchengladbach, Niederrhein). And for Long-haul travel via London or Paris is often cheaper. Look to your destination or not advantageous to another airport near your destination to fly. Many low-cost carriers like EasyJet, Ryanair and make use of this. Note here or there is at the cost of transport to your final destination still outweigh the benefit. You often have additional travel to the airport of departure and the destination airport to your final destination to come. Question is whether the advantage of a cheap ticket still outweigh the extra travel time and costs are involved.

5. Airlines

Book basically everything through an airline. If more than one use, you almost always more expensive. In some cases you can save money if you are a low-cost carrier to London or Paris and fly from there to take a transatlantic flight with another airline.

6. Compare multiple airlines together

Always look at several (comparison) sites to view the rates and booking the cheapest tickets. Pay attention not just to the ticket prices, but also charges and fees that are charged. For example, look at, or World Ticket Center.

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