Thailand Food

Thailand Food

thailand food

Thailand food is growing in recent years in the spotlight. Thailand food is rightly very popular. It is not only the delicious taste, but it is also very healthy because of its fresh ingredients and the perfect coordination of the balance sheet. Most ingredients used in Thai cuisine have medicinal benefits. Such variation is not only a treat for your taste buds, it makes for a perfect harmony for your entire body.

The peppers, ginger, lemons and limes are abundant in Thai cooking and they provide not only an excellent taste, but also stimulate the digestion. Most tourists think that all the Thai dishes are very hot and spicy. There are indeed very spicy food, but the majority of meals are mild in flavor. Many of the hot meals are so hot in taste because of the green and red peppers, Thai cuisine better known as chillies (phrik). There are different types of these peppers, ranging from very mild to extra hot.

While the peppers are important, they form only a small proportion of the ingredients in a Thai meal. When the peppers in the right quantity to taste it will not dominate. However, each cook prepares his recipes in his own way, this can also vary from province to province.

The ingredients also differ in shape, the rhizome (bulb) of the ginger, coriander leaves, stalks of bamboo, the seeds of sasamkruid etc. The combination of coriander, peppercorns and garlic makes for a flavor. Different garden products are used to enhance the flavor. Limes are squeezed into salads, soups and Curies. Coconut milk is used in soups, meat and fish. Various dried herbs such as cumin, nutmeg and bay leaves can always be found in Thai cuisine. The good combination of herbs, of course, along with many other species, is regarded Thailand as a culinary art. Many herbs and spices you can buy in western countries, but the taste of the fruit in Thailand sometimes totally different. Another skill is selecting and preparing the ingredients.

The Thailand chefs are experts in cutting and processing of fruits, vegetables and meat. They can make all artworks. There is an unwritten rule that says every piece of meat or fish should be prepared so that a half tablespoon of rice with a bite should be able to relate. Most food is cooked in a wok or a katha. Nowadays you can at various locations in Thailand to learn Thai cooking.


These tasty snacks are served with the meal. Traditional thai favorites include, satay, spicy fried noodles with sweet or hot sauce, boiled corn and spring rolls.


The Thai salad (yam) are often sour, sweet or salty. A simple dressing is good with a meat, seafood, vegetables or fruit salad. They are often made from fish sauce, lime juice and a little sugar. Some salads are hot pieces chillies. But how hot a salad is also depends on the amount of meat, vegetables or fruit. Fresh herbs are usually used as garnish.

Chili Dips

These are usually served with a vegetable, meat or fish dinner. Sometimes they are served with rice. The dips are often made of peppers, garlic, onion, shrimp, fish sauce, lime juice.


The Thailand soups range from hot and spicy to clear. The soup is usually served simultaneously with the other meals. The soup can also be mixed with some rice, if you have a simple meal. The most famous Thai Tom Yam Goong soup is undoubtedly in this spicy soup are shrimp and vegetables. In the Genius Book of World Records is the Tom Yam Goong described as the most delicious soup in the world.


The Thai curia is always prepared with fresh herbs and spices. The paste is often cooked in coconut cream before the meat and vegetables are added. The main ingredients of most of the Curies are chilli, garlic, coriander root, lemon and peppercorns.


The Thai desserts are almost always sweet. Fresh fruit is always welcome after a strongly spiced and spicy meal.

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