Thai girlfriend chiang mai - Thailand – girlfriend at Sunday market Chiang Mai

11th of January 2013 8

Thailand – girlfriend at Sunday market Chiang Mai

A walk through the traditional Sunday Market in Chiang Mai. As usual in Thailand, lots of food and cheap stuff.
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8 great comment(s) for this post

  1. hotelhotel111 7:47 am 11/01 of 2013

    You are 100% right! Did You ever try to hire one?

  2. shaihason 8:40 am 11/01 of 2013

    its very easy to get girl friend in thailand all u got to do is pay…
    a get a fake girl friend

  3. hotelhotel111 8:51 am 11/01 of 2013

    if You say so………..

  4. paul erricson 9:09 am 11/01 of 2013

    my wife? oh be sure if u was in thailand you see her plenty of times :)

  5. hotelhotel111 9:25 am 11/01 of 2013

    Is this so? LOL, now I am curious to see your nok too!

  6. paul erricson 9:46 am 11/01 of 2013

    this is nok i had her last weekend, she is ot single ????? please answer

  7. hotelhotel111 10:10 am 11/01 of 2013

    Maybe You are right, LOL, try to walk for 6/7 hours in this heat with high heels shoes…..
    By the way, it’s my wife now!

  8. MrWarpped 10:44 am 11/01 of 2013

    sorry but your girl friend not look to happy.


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