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11th of February 2014 1

Thailand Holiday Question?

Hi there,

myself and my girlfriend are interested in going to Thailand. We have given our trip a total of 12 days and want to know if its possible (and logical from a distance perspective) that we can spend an equal amount of time between Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the Phi Phi islands?

*Plan to do lots of spa treatments, visit the tiger sanctuary, elephant trekking, visit the monuments etc*

Also would like to have a 5* hotel experience in perhaps Bangkok, has anyone a hotel they’d really recommend?

Thank you for any help.

Best answer:

Answer by Apun Wisatdee
12 days and 3 locations
you wont get the benefits unless you fly from bkk to chiang mai
bus takes 12 hours or an overnight train
every thing you need to travel is on the net
bus times
train times
flight times
so do some serious planning

many fantastic hotels in bkk
have a look at
safew to book and pay on line
have a great trip

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  1. PhuYaiBan 8:11 am 11/02 of 2014

    Wow that’s quite a busy schedule. If you use domestic flights its possible, Bangkok-CM-Phuket and ferry to Koh Phi Phi. Train and bus combinations will add a lot of travelling time.

    Many better class hotels also combine spas so you could make plans to use on site facilities.

    Here’s a link to some top class Bangkok hotels that I have personally stayed at:

    I would book them using someone like AsiaWebDirect or AsiaRooms since rack rates tend to be more expensive.

    Hope that helps and enjoy the holiday.


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