Thailand travel question?

31st of March 2014 3

Thailand travel question?

I have heard so many people say nice things about Thailand.
I am curious as to what it is like in that country?
What are people like?
Can someone who is from Thailand answer please.
Someone who has been to Thailand for holiday.
Thanks for your answers.
I am going to look up in to see how much it would cost to rent a one-bed property in Thailand. And I want to know how much average earnings are in Thailand. Feel free to IM me if you need to exchange ideas with someone who is finding out about different countries around the world.

Best answer:

Answer by Raymond
Yes, it is a great place to visit. The people are friendly and the food is delicious. Of course, it all depends on what you enjoy and at what class level you wish to experience the culture. In other words, do like the 5 star hotel experience or the youth hostel experience, are you comfortable wondering a foreign city on your own or do you feel you need to have a tour guide.

Here is some information on my visit to Thailand:

Hope it helps, bon voyage…

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  1. spanky 8:47 am 31/03 of 2014

    ? you dog,

    Alabama – really?

    People are nice, the country is nice.

  2. rachata 9:03 am 31/03 of 2014

    Thailand is located in the middle of South East Asia. Its a great place to travel and enjoy a vacation. In Thailand, there are many tourist attractions like beautiful beaches and island (in the south), waterfall, mountains,caves, shopping center etc. The people in Thailand is friendly, they will smile if they are shy and they will be friendly to you.

    And about the food, you can find things to eat almost anywhere in the city, street food is recommended, you will be surprise how good they are. There are a lot of restaurant and many shop in a pushing cart.

    For the transportation, now a lot of big city have linked by the airport as the airline expanding their routes. The road in Thailand is considered good, but you will not find the high way like in developed country that’s expand around the country. You can find the highway only in Bangkok(the capital) and the area around Bangkok. The road that use to travel around the country is 8 lanes road which you will find crossroad and traffic light along the way. So, sometimes its frustrating when travel in a long distance. Driving in the evening is recommended as there will be less cars on the streets.


  3. Keith Taylor 10:03 am 31/03 of 2014

    I’m on my fifth visit to Thailand, and my partner and I have lived in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai (we’re in CM right now).

    I’m not sure quite how to answer your question as Thailand is a huge and varied place, but here are a few quick points:

    1. The Thai people are, in general, laid back, friendly and extremely welcoming to visitors. They’re quick to laughter and easy to befriend (especially if you speak a little Thai or they speak a little English).

    2. The country itself offers a little of everything. Bangkok is a modern, vibrant and relatively wealthy city with fantastic shopping, restaurants and bars (and also a seedy nightlife underbelly, if that’s your fancy). The beaches of the south are all very nice (though I haven’t spent a lot of time down there, and I think there are a lot of overcrowded and annoying backpacker towns. Chiang Mai in the north is a smaller, quieter and cheaper version of Bangkok with a much slower pace of life.

    3. The Thai climate tends towards the humid. Right now we’re approaching the end of the wet season, and up here in the north we get regular heavy rain and some pretty spectacular electrical storms. Towards the end of the year the weather improves, with reduced rainfall and clearer skies.

    All in all Thailand is a great place to live or just visit. If there’s anything more specific you’d like to know just add it to your question and I’ll do my best to help.


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