Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel

Travel to Thailand. Thailand is easily accessible both by land and through the many direct flights from Amsterdam and Dusseldorf to Bangkok and Phuket. Moreover, there are several good alternatives, like flying to Thailand via Singapore.

Travel in Thailand

The infrastructure is well developed in Thailand, including traveling in Thailand fun and easy. The extensive road network, well-organized public transport, and many typical Thai transport contribute to the easy accessibility in Thailand. Backpacking in Thailand, this is also very easy.

The roads

In Thailand, the majority of the population believe that the Buddha always makes them happy. If the Thais involved in an accident, it is because it is so to Buddha. But of course nobody wants an accident so there is every effort to propitiate Buddha. Therefore you see in almost all transport images of Buddha, garlands and prayer texts.

Also many people bring their new car, motorbike, truck etc to a temple for a blessing of the vehicle. This Thai believes that no one can touch the vehicle and the driver can not crash, unless that is Buddha.

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