Mag - Thailand vs Ecuador beaches?

24th of April 2014 1

Thailand vs Ecuador beaches?

I’m wondering which country has better beaches, Thailand or Ecuador, when it comes to cleanliness, softness of the sand, warmth of the sea and facilities?

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Answer by lore
well ive been to salinas and atacames in ec..they are not that great…the water does not look clean or clear..but the party crowd is fun!!

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  1. Aglease 7:48 am 24/04 of 2014

    Definitely Thailand. I’ve been to both Thailand and Ecuador and although Ecuador is beautiful, the beaches are not much to write home about, whereas Thailand’s beaches are fantastic. The water in Thailand is much warmer. Plus, the tourist infrastructure in Thailand is much better. I do love both countries, but if you want to go somewhere that’s renowned for its beaches, go to Thailand. The only place in Thailand I’ve been that didn’t have great swimming, was the island of Koh Chang. There were a lot of rocks in the water, making it difficult to swim, but that was the only place. All the other islands we went to were fantastic, I especially loved Raillay Beach in Krabi. It has been my favorite place in Thailand by far. I think Ecuador excels in its inland beauty like the Cotopaxi volcano, rainforest and hot springs.

    Anyway, hope that helps.


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