Thailand — Why Would Anybody Live in Thailand?

11th of August 2013 12

Thailand — Why Would Anybody Live in Thailand?

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Membership site now open: Well there are a lot of reasons to live not only in Thailand but any foreign country. Yeah, there are…
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  1. George Mantzaris 8:39 am 11/08 of 2013

    i live in australia i would love to live in thailand

  2. xfactorb25222 9:24 am 11/08 of 2013

    cont.. half of life with these grumpy thoughts :/ So why not go somewhere that’s friendly, very cheap, and most importantly just I say..only 75 spins around the sun ( if you’re lucky) and seriously, happy people? in the usa? honest. And as he would say..there’s always another option. I’m in! Worst case scenario I end up back here in the US. If I don’t go, I end up in the US. anyway. Hope to share a drink some day with you someday sir! or anyone else who takes the leap! peace

  3. xfactorb25222 9:57 am 11/08 of 2013

    ” I feel like I’m meant to be there”……Couldn’t agree with you more man, this crazy rat race and WOK HARDER! DON”T RETIRE EARLY! AMERICAN DREAM! BE FAMOUS! TERRORIST ARE RIGHT BEHIND YOU, BE AFRAID OF STUFF! ;) Then, add to that, the political divide which is borderline retarded. Red team vs Blue team! Never realizing the distraction is to just make the gap bigger between our 97% to their 3% ..see? Just went on an American rant..SMH..half my life is over, I don’t want to spend the 2nd

  4. Taylor Odwyer 10:52 am 11/08 of 2013

    Thanks for this. I’m so over living in the US. I have 16 more months that I have to stay and I’m preparing to make a big move after that. I have had big calls to Thailand, for whatever reason I feel like I’m meant to be there.

  5. 14wordsforlife 11:33 am 11/08 of 2013

    Thank You JC for your Quick Reply! I have already subscribed to your You Tube site and I will Look into Becoming a member soon. It is going to take me probably 2 years to get out of my present Financial entanglements ( Recent Divorce ) . When I was a U.S. Navy Seabee I was stationed in the Phillipines for almost a year ( I liked it ! ) But Thailand sounds even Better! I also Agree that the Buddhist religion more closely matches my religious beliefs even though I was raised a Catholic.

  6. retirecheapjc 11:49 am 11/08 of 2013

    Yes you can have all that direct deposited plus there are even more convenient options. These are discussed in detail in the member site.

  7. 14wordsforlife 12:28 pm 11/08 of 2013

    I am a U.S. military Retiree I bring in about $1,000 per month. A Couple of questions how would I have my retirement funds electronically deposited each month so I have access to them over there, And when I turn 67 will I be able to have my social security benefits deposited in the same account. I am 53 now so when I turn 67 will I still qualify for my benefits?

  8. Winterstick549 12:29 pm 11/08 of 2013

    Try having a source of income in the USA such as renting a house you own out. I know thats not cheap to get started on,
    What I do is truck driving. I will be renting out my two houses, year round and coming back to the states during the dry season to drive, see friends, promote Thailand,,etc,,lol. Something like truck driving might be ideal for you. No worries about lay offs or going part time as seems to be the going on now.

  9. Winterstick549 1:22 pm 11/08 of 2013

    Depends on where you live in Brazil. Goiania and Brasilia are great. I have friends in both cities (about sixty miles apart) and I always feel safe walking late at night, and love the people. It is not as inexpensive as Thailand thou. Thai exchange rate is 30-1, Brazil is about 1.8 -1. Yes, one point eight. But I do love the place.

  10. slabsides1 1:29 pm 11/08 of 2013

    Yeah, Brazil is nice too. But NOW, it has gotten much more expensive and a lot more political unrest. So, Thailand is winning for now.

  11. pretorious700 1:39 pm 11/08 of 2013

    Better question, WTF would anyone want to live in the US now?

  12. Richard Jensen 2:16 pm 11/08 of 2013

    I remember my first visit to Thailand, and felt very sad to leave. Now I’m retired here. I’ve been here now a little more than 1 1/2 years and have no regrets, couldn’t imagine going back to America. It’s getting too scary there. If I don’t watch the news I’m really happy, but, if I see what’s going on in America, it’s very devastating to see. Better to not know anymore about America and just enjoy life here.


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