Thailand’s country music megastar GlobalPost.mp4

23rd of November 2013 13

Thailand’s country music megastar GlobalPost.mp4

Thailand Music

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13 great comment(s) for this post

  1. kila fasavang 8:05 am 23/11 of 2013

    it’s beautiful ,if you remember was your from

  2. nudeejakk 8:32 am 23/11 of 2013

    May I suggest, Her name is Tai Orathai. She is singer in Thailand. She is
    so cute. ^_^ (from Thailand)

  3. Chan Ken 9:18 am 23/11 of 2013

    For me, ต่าย อรทัย is the best singer in a world. I love her.

  4. OFFSITE88 9:48 am 23/11 of 2013

    dude, it’s NOT THai, try TAI. Listen!

  5. nokky1987 9:55 am 23/11 of 2013

    พี่ต่ายร้องทีไหนหรอคะนี่ ไกด์เสียงหรือเปล่าคะ

  6. anushkagangabison 10:20 am 23/11 of 2013

    Man tai has a god given voice. OK, there are others like her in tland.
    Siriporn, ratchanok, pongsai, jintara. but she is among the best. Thanks,
    tai for sharing your music.

  7. เป็นตาฮัก คักแท้น้อ 11:05 am 23/11 of 2013

    สวยมากเลยอ่ะ เจ้ต่าย

  8. flagmaniaful 11:17 am 23/11 of 2013

    I saw her perform in Chaing Mai this year at the Sunday market. I did not
    know who she was but I was drawn to her unusual singing voice I then bought
    a CD from her. Many people had photos taken with her so I thought that she
    must be famous but it was the first time that Ive seen her. Such an
    attractive and talented person.

  9. Eduardo Tzuke 11:26 am 23/11 of 2013

    What’s her Name?

  10. คุณ เดชณรงค์ กุกอง 12:01 pm 23/11 of 2013

    เมืองหลวง เป็นที่ทำงาน แต่ไม่ใช่ที่อยู่ของใจ …. (สุดยอด)

  11. tvhavan 12:20 pm 23/11 of 2013

    Thanks for sharing. She’s the best country music singer there is. Her voice
    is just amazing. I can listen to her songs over many times.

  12. MonaMoneMonika 1:06 pm 23/11 of 2013

    @cynematek This song name is Dok Yar Nai Paa Poon(ดอกหญ้าในป่าปูน)

  13. deris Omar 1:14 pm 23/11 of 2013

    wow..i fall in love with her. Shes speak so cute


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