The 10 best buy tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality

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The 10 best buy tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality

Are you fond of shopping or you’re a real bargain hunter? Then Bangkok is a paradise for you.

The Thai capital is known as à © à © â € ™ s of the world’s best shopping destinations. In Bangkok you can buy just about anything else you can think of. And, it’s also incredibly cheap. Are you planning to soon travel to Bangkok? Then you will discover plenty of nice bargains. The following ten products have the best value for money and are dirt cheap.


Bangkok is known as a city where your dà © orchids «n can buy. The orchids «n from Thailand are shipped all over the world. Unlike other countries, they are incredibly cheap in Thailand. In Bangkok you will find some of the best locations for orchids «n to buy. You can also purchase many other types of flowers. Visit Therefore, one of the many flower markets. Roses buy all for 50 cents. For a bouquet of orchids «n you only pay one euro. ZOA € ™ s Bargain You do not want to miss.

Flowers The 10 best buy tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality

Bespoke clothing

Custom clothing is very cheap in Bangkok. Stores that sell customized clothing you will find it everywhere. They not only make a chic suit, skirt, dress or shirt for you. There is much more possible. As a perfect copy of a garment of your favorite designer? Negotiate always about price. The more you buy, the less you pay per garment. In many cases you pay for a custom made suit less than 100 euros. Why would not you buy?

CDA € ™ s and DVDA € ™ s

There are thousands of places in Thailand where you copied CDA € ™ s and DVDA € ™ s purchase. Many foreigners living in Thailand on vacation or buy them. Yet you can also legally CDA € ™ s and DVDA € ™ s purchase. And they are much cheaper than in Europe. Often less than a third of the price in the Netherlands. The same applies to CDA € ™ s. There are many CDA € ™ s released in Thailand. They are sold at prices that a Thai can afford. Are you looking for CDA € ™ s your favorite band? Then visit one of the legal CD shops in the shopping centers in Bangkok and compare prices. You will be pleasantly surprised.

 Food bangkok The 10 best buy tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality


in Thailand certainly not forget all the wonderful and inexpensive food to discover. Bangkok is a real paradise for lovers of gastronomy. You’ll find a great selection of Thai, Japanese, Western, Indian, Lebanese and Italian cuisine. Almost everything is available. It is also much cheaper than in Europe. For one euro you can buy in a plate of food from a street vendor in Bangkok. Especially the sausage on a stick are very tasty. Order from a Japanese restaurant with a huge Benta sushi, salmon and shrimp for less than seven euros. Or visit a Thai noedelshop. Here you order a large bowl of noodles soup with beef or pork. The price per bowl? Less than 50 cents.

Fresh fruit

I hear people in the Netherlands only complain about the price of fruit. Thailand does not happen. Fresh fruit in Thailand is really cheap. With the thousands of street vendors in Bangkok you can buy for less than 40 cents a bag of sliced ​​fruit. Then you get half a pineapple, a few slices of mango or papaya or two pieces of dragon fruit. They are cut into bite-size pieces. These are served in a plastic bag with long toothpicks. So you can enjoy the juicy fruit while you walk.

Fruit bangkok The 10 best buy tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality

Drinks based on coffee

Are you a lover of coffee drinks and coffee varieties. Then you’re good I Bangkok. Do not go to Starbucks where you â, ¬ 3.50 pays for a coffee. With the many street vendors in Bangkok buy for less than a euro a ijslatte, coffee flavored or Americano. They are really delicious! You’d rather sit somewhere quiet? You should therefore avoid Starbucks and visit one of the Thai coffee shops. The coffee is just as good or even better. You usually pay less than a dollar for a cup of coffee.

Thai silk

Thai silk is known as â € ™ s best and cheapest. Are you looking for beautiful handmade silk scarves, ties, skirts, dresses and more? Pay a visit to the Chatuchak Weekend Market Market or the Sum Luam Night Bazaar. You can also visit the many stalls each evening along Sukhumvit Road are set. You buy a silk tie for less than one euro. For a silk skirt pay five euros. A silk scarf takes between three and six euros. You can find it cheaper anywhere really.

 Thai silk The 10 best buy tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality

Bags and shoes

Women love handbags and shoes. For them, Bangkok is an earthly paradise. At a market stall in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand buy you already like, fashionable bag for only four to six euros. Shoes (sandals, slippers, shoes etc.) starting from three euros. Market stalls selling a variety of models and sizes. Have you been to Western notions of a large size? It may be difficult for you to find the right size. Street Markets, the Chatuchak Weekend Market and MBK Shopping Mall are great places to shop and cheap fashionable bags and shoes to score.

 The 10 best shoes buying tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality

Home Accessories

Would you like your interior decorating what? Then Bangkok is the place for you. For just two euros you can buy beautiful cushions, vases, handmade lamps, jewelry and much more. You buy a pair of unique, handmade pillowcases for only five euros per two. Beautiful handmade vases costs less than five euros. It is best to Chatuchak Market and Suan Lum Night Bazaar go. Do not forget the one-after-top floor of the mall to visit SME. Here you’ll find some of the finest Thai handmade stuff. Remember, almost anywhere you can negotiate the price!

interior The 10 best buy tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality

Ceramics and pottery

In Thailand you will find the famous companies Benjarong (Bencharong) and that Celadon pottery and porcelain making. A beautiful, handmade mug Celadon only costs four euros. Benjarong (Bencharong) makes special porcelain. The design is special and the very bright colors. The old porcelain Benjarong is the most prized by collectors. The new Benjarong buy in many places still only five euros each. Wonderful to see and do. For ceramics, pottery and porcelain are best to the mall SMEs, the Chatuchak Weekend Market and Suan Lum Night Bazaar go. You can also find it in department stores in Bangkok. Visit the shops of Thai Royal Porcelain. They sell modern porcelain and beautiful pottery.

 Ceramic The 10 best buy tips in Bangkok: cheap and good quality

There is so much choice and almost all at an affordable price. The above products are the ten most popular. Cheap but however good quality.

If you go on holiday to Bangkok, take an empty suitcase. You will need space for all the nice gifts and souvenirs to take back!

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