The art of holiday celebration

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The art of holiday celebration

 Vakantie1 The art of holidaying

The art of holidaying

In a recent issue of the magazine Intermediate was a nice article about a book with the above title. It is a book written by Jessica de Bloom, a researcher at the University of Nijmegen.

She has a scientific study of the perception of Dutch and holidays of that study, which it is promoted, a more popular â € “say â € readable” version. I will not write that article here, Google Jessica Bloom or the title of the book and there appear many sites with details and reviews.

The book contains over 100 tips to celebrate a good holiday and I quote, seven of which appear on a leaflet about this book.

Before the holidays r

– Buy something for your holiday BooksHoliday Preparations make you aware of the fact that you are soon going to do something special and pretty. Drive axle from an afternoon time to go shopping for your holiday. A beach towel, a practical backpack, earphones, a sexy bikini or trendy flip-flops will provide holiday mood and increase your anticipation.

 – Sport after your last day BooksIn busy work periods running at full speed and your body makes energy to function properly. If you stop working, your body can not get rid of this energy. This can cause you to feel sick in the first days after a stressful period. By sports at the end of your last day, your body excess energy and stress hormones are reduced faster than if you plop down on the couch after work.

During the holidays

– Spend your money on experiences rather than things BooksMany holiday destinations are designed to seduce. Tourists to all sorts of dubious purchases The purse is on holiday for most people therefore looser in their pocket. At home you will regret your expensive or unnecessary purchases. Your memories of fun, special experiences are home still just as fun as on vacation. A day at the beach, a trek through the jungle or enjoy a night out will create unforgettable holiday memories.

– Provide a wonderful last vacation BooksPeople remember in particular the most positive and the most negative and the last episodes of an event. The best and least moments of a holiday are difficult to influence, but you can make a nice last vacation. This day will also determine how positive you think back to your vacation. Join tedious chores like cleaning the apartment and packing the suitcases a day earlier and make something beautiful out of your very last day. What do you think of a interesting tour, an exciting activity or a cozy farewell dinner?

– Use a different shampoo at home BooksFragrances to be used in primitive parts of the brains which are also involved in the processing of emotions and forming langetermijnherinneringen.Een smell is thus quickly coupled to a sense and stored in your memory. Fragrances can therefore a range of memories and the emotions vividly recall. Therefore, use a shampoo on holiday other than home. The moment you crave a little holiday feeling after returning home, you pull your vakantieshampooâ € ™ â € ~ out of the closet.

After the holidays

– Beginning on Wednesday working again BooksBecause you feel rested after returning, maybe you tend to be extra hard to walk. Staple Shame, since it touches your holiday feeling lost! Quick succession. Beginning on Wednesday working again

Because you feel rested after returning, maybe you tend to be extra hard to walk. staple Shame, since it touches your holiday feeling lost! Immediately Do not try to run overtime immediately, because you think you should handle. Everything the first days A short first week and the following weekend though the prospect may help you to hold.

the nice relaxed feeling more weather

– Breaking the daily grind BooksHoliday makes people happy because it helps them to step out. Daily routine But even outside the holiday you can consciously everyday monotony break. Do your shopping look at another supermarket, take a walk in your lunch break, go to a pub where you’ve never been before, or start a new hobby!

And then, slowly but surely thinking about the next holiday and natural for readers of this blog that relates to your next visit to Thailand.

The book, a paperback ISBN 978946 1055569, 296 p Is published in May 2012 and can be used for â, ¬ 19.90 Publisher ordered tree (see the website)

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