The Best of Thailand Blog (8): With joy we give you knowledge

17th of July 2013 0

The Best of Thailand Blog (8): With joy we give you knowledge

9789048429998 promotion 213x300 The Best of Thailand Blog (8): With joy we give you knowledge Yes, folks, the long awaited book The Best of Thailand Blog is in production. We have corrected the proofs and the press this week to run.

course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but we are very happy with the result. The booklet is the price of â, ¬ 14.95 (600 baht) worth every penny.

we owe this primarily to the eighteen authors who their best stories selected, and further to the final editing and producer Free Musketeers.

Once the books are delivered to Joseph Jongen in Zaltbommel buyers can buy in the Netherlands and Belgium «the book. How to do that, you can read on the page Order Method . Click the ad on the homepage on â € ~ Order now: click here â € ™ and that page opens. Still there â € ~ Soon verkrijgbaa râ € ™, but when Joseph the booklets in-house, we change the text.

Buyers in Thailand have to wait, because three Thailand goers take the books into their mid-August (hand) luggage. We do this to avoid having to pay import duties. You can already order a booklet. On the page Order Method is how to do it.

We hope that books like hot cakes over the counter and we had a nice bedragje can transfer to Operation Smile Thailand.

after deduction of costs

Finally two updates. Ambassador Joan Boer has undertaken the first one to want to receiving it. Further announcements will follow over the place and date. And author Hans Geleijnse has called his co-authors reject the authors copy offered for free and pay for the book. The former have already pledged.

Illustration: The cover of the highly anticipated book


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