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The Best of Thailand Blog


Thailand Blog lady 200x300 The Best of Thailand Blog â € ~ on October 10, 2009 at 23:51 pm Blog Thailand was a fact. I then placed my first posting, not knowing that thousands would follow. The first months were difficult, hard work but almost no readers. When some writers hooked, began to run the blog well in the first quarter of 2010 and increased visitor numbers continu.â € ™


writes Peter khun (which would still be his real name?) in a retrospective of (almost) four years Thailand Blog. Yes folks, Thailand Blog is celebrating four years and if not that alone is a reason to celebrate, we do it one step further: a booklet.

The production is currently working hard. Eighteen regular bloggers selected their best for posting this booklet. It also contains a nice spicy quiz and tips. Of course we do not forget a Photo € ™ s because à © à © n picture is worth a thousand words . Khun Peter and Dick van der Lugt took a hold in their holiday albums and found a few nice pictures out.

Who will pay: Sweet Sweet Gerrit? No, he called Jo Boy, regular guest blogger. Jo was so generous to finance. Booklet Because we do not want to pay him the financial «le destruction we hope that the book store flies out, or rather by our readers will be ordered in large numbers. Aunt Pos does the rest. And we can give a nice bedragje to Operation Smile, because the proceeds of the book, after deduction of costs for the charity.

We will keep you informed of progress.

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