The Dutch Associations in Thailand

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The Dutch Associations in Thailand

 LeonvdZanden1 The Dutch Associations in Thailand

Action Leon van der Zanden in Bangkok

In which country you anywhere in the world comes, there is always something to find. Dutch That’s always been true, but more than ever swarms nowadays more and more Dutch out in all directions in the world. Of course, that for holidays, but we’re going to talk about those people who work abroad or stay for other reasons for a long time or even permanently.


has established a considerable number of Dutch in a city, region or country and of course when some of that body so take the initiative, a Dutch association or club established. Look on the internet and you will find dozens on all continents. Apparently there is a natural need for contact with compatriots in a foreign country. It is not always easy to build in a strange city with different customs, language, etc. and contact already experienced expats can be useful and enjoyable.

a new life

Dutch association in Bangkok

This also applies for Thailand. Originally there was only a Dutch association in Bangkok, in 1941 (!) Was founded and still enjoy a prosperous life with almost 500 members. But more and more Dutch Thailand have discovered that not only settled in Bangkok, but also elsewhere in the country with concentrations in Hua Hin / Cha-am, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and further spread throughout the country. In 2004, the Dutch Association Pattaya founded and now has nearly 200 members, Hua Hin / Cha-Am followed in 2008 and now has about 130 members. In Chiang Mai, there was a Dutch club, but that is now defunct gone, but who knows it is there once again revived. I also know a rumor, that would exist for a Dutch association.

Khon Kaen interest

That seems a fragmentation of à © à © n possible strong Dutch association in Thailand, but we have to take a look at the composition of the membership and the activities undertaken. The members of â € € œBangkokâ are predominantly (short stay) expatriates working for Dutch or international companies or in education. The file in the other two groups consist mainly of long stay expatriates say the pensionadoâ € ™ s often supplemented by independent entrepreneurs. All three know a monthly œborrelavondâ € â € and â € a regular œkoffiebijeenkomstâ €, where members and new members contact each other while enjoying a snack and a drink. In addition, there are other local activities organized, Dutch holidays as King’s, Santa Claus and Christmas certainly not be forgotten. The distance between the three cities mentioned is quite large, so it may be that members of one association to the other, visiting for example the celebration of Christmas.

not expected

Pattaya very active

All three associations have a website where all the details are listed, how to become a member, the dues money, rules, contacts, and a newsletter contains stories of members and announced planned activities. I will not mention those activities, but it is remarkable that â € € œPattayaâ very active with bridge evenings, computer classes, book club, eetclub, etc. Of course, the pensionadoâ € ™ s just have more time than the working Dutchman in Bangkok, but it is nice that you as a Dutchman in this way nice contacts with compatriots. The websites shall otherwise be the link to each other, but the assumption of certain communications, than in their own city may be interesting for Dutch elsewhere does not happen.


would deserve more attention to cooperate with each other and I refer in particular to the fact that either one or the other association succeeds in something â € € œcultureelsâ to do with some assistance from Netherlands. I still think, for example, the visit of the Dutch team (sorry, that’s not really culturally, but still!), The dance group Blaze, the Beets Brothers, the Swing Fever Band, etc. This apparent lack of cooperation is actually the direct cause been for me to make.

this posting

Konningendag NVP1 The Dutch Associations in Thailand

Dutch Queen’s Club Pattaya

 Action Leon van der Zanden

I was struck by when I start this month in Bangkok attended a performance of the Dutch comedian Leon van der Zanden. Although not as well known, but look at his website and you see that he is very much in the Netherlands successfully. The show was organized by â € œBangkokâ € during â € € œnormaleâ evening drink. Leon flew before his technician to light and sound for this à © à © nmalige evening to Thailand. Of course this is not a cheap joke, but happily told the president in his introduction that the giant becoming difficult, because there were enough sponsors. KLM, Anantara Hotel, Biking in Bangkok and Heineken were kind enough to take. Most of the costs account The evening was well organized with a snack and a drink before and after the show there was still room for the leftovers of the drink and the food (croquettes, sausages and fries). Tribute to the Dutch Association in Bangkok.

What I was wondering what me and actually was highly surprised that Leon van der Zanden not occurred in Pattaya or Hua Hin. Apparently there is no or at least little consultation about each other’s activities and that is unfortunate. Even an announcement of Leona € ™ s appearance in Bangkok was missing from Pattaya and Hua Hin. I knew of the show, because I happen to know personally Leon. I asked him whether he initially but à © à © n times wanted to act themselves, but that was not the case. If one had settled, he had a performance in the other two cities given with pleasure.

High time to consider my light to stabbing the three associations and I sent an e-mail to the president with a request to go deeper. on my alleged lack of cooperation All three were kind enough to give that â € “in short â €” this amount to an explanation:

Han Rademaker (Bangkok) : â € œI have tried to organize a kind of cooperation in a number of meetings with the presidents of the other clubs but we are, unfortunately, not true and I have therefore attempts whatsoever gestaakt.â €

Mar van der Marel (Hua Hin / Cha-am): â € œI have been working three years to reach the other Dutch clubs in Thailand more cooperation. I started with Bangkok because I want realistic goals and Bangkok geographically closer Bija Hua Hin / Cha-Ama is over Pattaya, which would make regular calls easier. Closer cooperation also meant that the Dutch associations a more interesting partner for sponsors would be. Last year, a new government came to the Dutch Association in Bangkok. Of course I raised the cooperation again. They seemed interested but suggested rightly â € œThe put in order of their own Huisa € as first priority. Nevertheless, there are, along with â € œPattayaâ € Â however been some conversations.

Regarding the presentation of Leon of Sands I can report that I’ve sent an email to ask if we could still tickets bestellenâ € to the chairman of the Dutch Association in Bangkok on August 14 | , Unfortunately no reaction vernomen.Wel keep the Dutch associations Bangkok, Pattaya and Hua Hin / Cha-am each other informed of their respective activities, but of real cooperation â € “unfortunately â €” no sprakeâ € <. / p>

Huub van Zanten (Pattaya): â € Oena a turbulente time last year with lots of administrative problemen the vereniging since January 1 ended with Êèñà new bestuur in calmer waters. After Êèñà customary quiet period in the summer we make our Nua for the coming season and volgend Jubilee Year. Books  EN Association Thailand The Dutch Associations in Thailand Meanwhile websiteâ in our redesigned and we have a Facebook account. At the administrative level, we are still searching for an officer who ‘Official Relations wants to do. It is increasingly clear that there is a need for more professionalism in our communication to members via mailings, website, Facebook and beyond to the press, to advertisers, sponsors and other agencies. The lack of pack them function within the Board ISA also the reason that we do not pay attention to the presentation of Leon van der Zanden besteed. Otherwise it on our website and / or magazine are mentions , that in itself Dusa the intention.

Regarding the cooperation of our clubs. That remains difficult, because we would not want that or not but it appears to be difficult in practice. My experience is that members and bestuursleden of â € œBangkokâ € zijn very different than those in Pattayaâ € â € or â € œHua Hin / Cha-AMA € In Bangkok mostly expatriates with , families or single businessmen. The sponsors of â € € œBangkokâ are Zelfa member of the vereniging and see each other in business get-togethers at the Embassy and at the NTCC (Netherlands Thai Chamber of Commerce).

The associations in Pattaya and Hua Hin / Cha-am daartegenover seem much more alike. Our membership is very diverse in composition and background, many retirees with an average much lower inkomensniveau. Â

The presidents see each other occasionally but regular changes to the board, it is difficult to provide a consistent form of consultation to build. In addition, the presidents are supposed to represent the interests of their own members who terwijl Ledena nothing hebben lleden with the other associations. In short,  the differences and distances are letterlijk Ooka groot for a close samenwerking.⠀


Board Problems, distance, difference in membership and self-interest are ZOA € ™ s little the keywords that a good cooperation in the way. I can understand that as long as it goes to local activities. For larger events, by à © à © n of the associations are organized and where sponsorship is essential, I still recommend a closer cooperation. It is in the interest of everyone, members and sponsors, that action of eg a Dutch artist in all three places and perhaps even place elsewhere in Thailand.


We’ll see if this article on the à © à © n somehow contributes to yet more consultations. In order to show that I have a proposal for three presidents. In the annual report of â € œHua Hin / Cha-AMA € mentions Karin Bloemen, who wishes to act in Pattaya in December provided to regular and sufficient sponsors are found. Presidents, cross heads together and rule jointly, the Karin with a dazzling show not only in Pattaya, but also in Hua Hin and Bangkok occurs.

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