The Mystery of the Laughing Thai

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The Mystery of the Laughing Thai

Thai smile The Mystery of the Laughing Thai The Secret The Mona Lisa is revealed, I read recently in Scientific American. The world famous Italian namely always seems to smile at you, but when you look at her she does like she does not know you.

the thing. If you look at the Mona Lisa is her picture in the middle of your retina. That is where most sensory cells and so therefore you see the sharpest. Do you watch over her or to her breasts, then her face projected near the center of the retina. There are also sensory cells, but much less. You see her face than less sharp.

Leonardo da Vinci’s painting so constructed that the vague parts predominate in the latter case. And the vague parts give the impression of a smile.

Now I have the impression that the Thais always have to make me laugh. And dà ¡t mystery is still not solved. Why laugh Thai?

Thai smile when they are cheerful and when they welcome you. Just like normal people. But also Thai, laugh when you fall off of your scooter or if they fall off on their own scooter. Or if you tell them that you want to buy an elephant figurine of them or that you do not need a tuk tuk. Or if they do not know what you’re talking about, or if the pad thai was just on. â € ~ Solly, no have.â € ™ Or if they want you to believe that the mangoâ € ™ s today are extra expensive because it is a holiday. Or because you pay readily. Or because the party is. Or just because.

Laughter is the panacea of ​​Thai society. A means that the daily suffering, the Asian version of Weltschmerz, to forget. An elixir of life and a panacea time. A thousand things palliative.

Thai smile is so strong that it has become a trade mark. Although not listed, but still many times stronger than the familiar charm offensive of the average American. No agent escapes the Thai smile. And it works. Seven percent of the national income is accounted for by tourism. I am also succumbed.

But the demands of course, remains how it is that the Thais as walking smileyâ € ™ s go through life. Is it innate or learned? Thais are endowed with the so-called â € ~ Smile-Gena € ™ or laugh she cast the rice spoon?

I’ve thought a lot about and have come to the conclusion that the Thais do not have a laugh-gene. It would mean that related peoples also ZOA € ™ s gene and like the Thai conjure. Enchanting smile at the slightest And that is definitely not the case.

Thai Smile The Mystery of the Laughing Thai

Take the Laotians. Along with the Thais, they come from a population in southern China, which moved south in the 8th century. When I recently traveled in Laos, I was also wondering if the Laotians were also those giggly types. Nothing is less true. I pulled my bag of tricks, by which I mean a Thai swoon delivery, ranging from friendly smile to stumble over the curb.

But what I did, the Laotians were sullen look out for themselves. At best, they produced a sort of clicking sound, which could go for a rudimentary form of what should be. Ever been a laugh with some imagination â € ~ We only laugh when needed Isâ € ™, always. saying my Eastern European friends And apparently also applies to the Laotians. The rows are chummy closed.

For me it was clear: no Thai Smile mutants. It should therefore be acquired. But if it is learned, is that smile still real?

Now there are two kinds of laughter. The first is the so-called Pan Am-laugh. That’s the smile with which the flight attendants (such as Pan Am) greet the passengers. After an intense workout, the cabin is able to pull the corners of mouth at all times so you get the idea that they are thrilled that they can clean up, which arose after with your Spaghetti á la lubricates your call Bolognaise have landed in an air pocket. No real laugh so.

other laugh is the Duchenne smile. In doing so, not only the corners of the mouth is pulled up, but also the cheeks, wherein there crows feet resulting from the eyes. The great zygomatic muscles, which pull up the corners of the mouth, you can contract at will.

But oogkringspieren include involuntary muscle fibers, which are under the influence of the autonomic nervous system. So that you can not just pull together. They pull together until you laugh. So a Duchenne smile is genuine.

It is not difficult to discern. a real smile from a fake smile Look at the horizontal crow’s feet at the corners. Lacking that, it’s not real. Laughter You can check this yourself. , Go to the next site of the BBC: Â

I myself had 17 of 20 cases properly. I found that score reasonable enough to go to research and determine whether the laugh of the Thais really was. I carefully studied the crow’s feet of the guard of our resort, the owner of the restaurant, where I regularly do, the man I rent my scooter, the lovely girl at the sportclubâ € | and all of them had the correct crow’s feet. Their laughter was real.

Yet I doubt. So many people laughing and then that smile really is too. How is that possible on earth?

Could it be that you can â € ~ fakenâ € ™

a real laugh

Yes, you can. A survey from 2012 shows that some people are capable of doing.

Could it be that the Thais in there are better than other people?

You know, I really do not want to know.

That girl sports club so sweetly smiling at me … maybe it’s real, maybe it’s an illusion. The Mystery of the smiling Mona Lisa has been resolved, but some mysteries as you keep better.

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