- The restoration of a swimming pool in Pattaya (1994)

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The restoration of a swimming pool in Pattaya (1994)


Approximately one hundred meters away from the busy nightlife of Pattaya is the Windy Inn, a friendly bar without pushy women. It has a small pool on the seafront. Now, in the off season, this pool is restored.

the bottom three people are working on the tiling. EA © n lubricates each tile of ten by ten centimeters gently with cement. He holds the tile far away from him as if he smeared a peanut butter sandwich, while not absolutely love peanut butter. The tile is placed on the floor, sounded and attachments and, if it really is quite good, then grabs the tiler his little stool and moves it to ten inches again reluctantly make a peanut butter sandwich.


A second man has a vegertje and wipe the newly laid floor. He does this with such fervor that he can barely aware of. Tiler The function of the third man is not entirely clear. He just sits there and does nothing. Presumably he is the boss. However, moments later he takes a thousand things cloth and he polished the tiles until they gleam like they are new. That they are also likely. The pool is about eight to twelve meters. A quick calculation shows that to be. Nearly ten thousand tiles placed Fortunately, the rainy season lasts about five months.

the pool hangs a rope to which is hung a sign: “Please do not jump in swimming pool Because of no water.” A reasonable request.

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