The tale of a barmaid (part 2)

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The tale of a barmaid (part 2)

nit The tale of a barmaid (Part 2) The continuation of yesterday: The tale of a barmaid

ride from the bus station to the village of Nit takes about an hour. The family is folded into the pickup truck. When changing the paved roads in dusty dirt roads and dogs and chickens running across the road, they’re almost there.

pickup stops. The farang gets out and walks into the house, he rather startled. He sees a shack with some corrugated iron. The home of the family of Nit. His eyes look dazed for furniture in the â € ~ € ™ Huisa. He only sees a box with an old faded TV on it. A little further a kind of buffet. For the rest nothing. Nothing at all. A blue, but broken sail covered the floor. What poverty! The farang knows hardly hide.

his surprise

New moped

farang is asked for money for food and drink. A farang in the village, that should be celebrated. Still impressed by what he saw, he quickly gets some notes of one thousand baht from his pocket. Nit laughs, much is required. Nit give five hundred baht to her sister, who is a brand new moped start.

farang understands nothing of. â € œWat they need a new moped? â € thinks the farang. â € œThe kids have barely clothes and walking bare voeten.â € nit have the money saved up over the years together, and a large part borrowed at high interest rates. She wanted her father and the family a gift like a moped. The moped cost a small fortune, especially for Isaanse concepts, but Dad is by motorbike to the rice fields and is no longer dependent on others now.

farang looks behind the house two pens. â € ~ Whatâ € ™ s that? â € he asks Nit. â € œGo Looka € says Nit. The farang discovered the squat toilet (a hole in the ground) and a type of washing facilities. He asks Nit shocked if they can stay in a hotel? Nit looks disappointed, she wants to sleep with her family. The nearest hotel is five minutes drive from here. But the farang standing pat, he sees not sit here to go to the toilet and sleeping on the floor.

way to the hotel they drive through the countryside Isaanse. Between the slums is occasionally a beautiful home. â € œFarang houseâ € says Nit. She looks at the farang hopefully. For Nit is her ultimate dream. A beautiful house where the whole family can attend. With a bathroom and a western toilet like in a hotel. She wants her daughter gets more chances than they. Not all of her fourteenth of school to have to work in the city. She also wants Pon learn to swim. Nit can not itself, never learned.

Attention and sex

days in Isaan follow a fixed pattern. Wherever they go, the whole family. They do not have much privacy. The farang is happy when he can take a shower at the hotel in the evening and can sleep. In a normal bed Nit causes the farang will be satisfied, she lavishes him with attention and sex. She hopes that the farang is in love with her. The farang find that attention is pleasant and just can not get enough of it. There is quite a bit cuddled. Nit would like to know whether he would care for her, but she thinks it is still too early to ask this. The farang

Nit tells the Bar life in Pattaya. They let the farang know she drinks every night. Often too much. Alcohol helps to overcome it. Shyness The patrons of her bar know that. They try Nit drunk to perform with some regularity. They know that a nit â € ~ € ™ ladydrinkâ can not refuse. Nit is worried about her drinking. â € œNot good for my bodyâ € says Nit softly. The farang nods.

He sees her as a vulnerable bird and increasingly feels responsible for her. He wants to protect her. However, he is on his guard. He knows the stories of Thai ladies who are mostly after money. â € œMaar they will not all be as zijnâ €, he thinks. â € œI can not imagine her, she is so sweet and oprecht.â € The farang realizes that nit has not been dulled by the Bar life. But that will be a matter of time. He does not want to. The consequence he understand. He knows that she needs the money. It gives him a difficult dilemma.

Family comes first

Nit find the farang and good, nevertheless she knows her role and responsibilities. Her parents raised her and she should be thankful. She herself is now grown up and must take care of her parents. Her children will later in their turn to nit, when they themselves can not work. So it is and so it goes on for years in the Thai countryside.

It means that no matter how much they may farang, he will never come. primarily In the first place her father and mother, and caring for the family. Nobody intervenes. They should be a good daughter. She knows the Buddhist rules. That’s her destiny, her Karma. There she believes in and she lives for. She puts a lot of garbage on her task. To care for money. There she has a lot to overcome. She has made the step to go. In a bar in Pattaya with a farang with Something they do not want and dare, but still did. Because it made her life a little easier.

If this farang will not care for her, she will set her sights on another farang. If it is less fun. Because they can self-effacing. They can be hard work, day in and day out. She is accustomed to see her daughter. Rarely or never Sleeping on the ground is not a problem for Nit, a little noodle soup supper is sufficient. Nit acquiesces in her role. She wants to be a good wife for farang, if he cares for her and the family. These are simply the unwritten laws in Isaan.

Jai dee

The last day in Isaan is marked by a visit to Tesco Lotus, a large department store. The farang late â € œJai Deea speak € â € “Â Â his good heart â €” and buy at Tesco clothing, shoes and toys for the children. The farang is several thousand bahtjes poorer but the children are very happy with the presents. After the period in Isaan they go back to Bangkok from there fly to Koh Samui. The farang wants to spend a week at the beach.

The whole family goes to the bus station to the farang and Nit out swinging. Nit must say goodbye to her daughter. And for how long? The farang has visible difficulty. â € œKloteâ €, he thinks. â € oose supposed to be with her. child And not ZOA € ™ s raunchy bar in Pattaya.â €

The last week of the holidays is fantastic. The Nit farang and have a great time together. Nit appears to have a lot of humor and to be excellent. Companionship The farang experience the vacation of his life. Nit now considers that the time has come to its financial «le discuss. Situation with the farang She starts gently. She asks whether the farang to pay her room. Pattaya For Nit a recurring source of concern. It just goes to 1,200 baht about 26 euros per month. The farang do not need long to think about it and promised to send money every month.

Monthly fee

farang thinks about the future. He wants to keep in touch with Nit and also back to Thailand to go for her. The idea that they go back to work later in the bar is against him. He actually thinks she does not belong in a bar and her child should be. The farang thinks that after a year when he comes back to her in Pattaya search, he will encounter. Another nit Total dulled by the Bar life with tattoos and perhaps an alcohol addiction. Whether they come from another farang who wants to care for her. He knows that they are in there will go on because money remains the main driver.

farang realizes that he has to make difficult choices. He has normal salary itself can just come around. Nevertheless, he can miss a total of seven-Ã achtduizen baht per month. It comes at the expense of his piggy bank for the next trip to Thailand. Nit maintained also means that it will be before he can come to her.

back for more

farang also suspicious. The stories about bargirls three sponsors farang and Thai boyfriend haunt his head. What if she secretly goes to work? Still in a bar Thai simply have little trouble lying.

He decides to discuss. with her This is not easy because nit still speaks little English. He introduces her to send (180 euros), its eight thousand baht a month but wants them to get off to the Bar life. Nit gasps equal to. She chooses her eggs for money. The earnings in the bar falling heavily against her. There are currently too few farang in Pattaya and costumers in her bar to earn a good living.

She can if she goes back home, possibly in Isaan a job there when searching. If they earn three thousand baht, she together eleven thousand baht. For Isaanse concepts is that quite a lot of money. She wants to be with her parents first overleggen. The farang press nit at heart that if she’s lying, it’s over. Then the money booth closed. The parents of Nit agreement and are glad Nit comes back home.

away from Pattaya

Nit nevertheless has doubts. Not so much about the money but about her freedom. As of now, they depend on the farang. That thought they will not like. The work in the bar is not fun, especially lately nit bored to death. But she could do much to decide. Nit know the stories of the other barmaids that farang unreliable and lying. They promise each month to make money but to stop there after a while. Then she really is only in trouble.

She has her room terminated in Pattaya. She goes away from the bar where she has friends now. If the farang does not fulfill its commitments, she must say goodbye to her family and daughter. Then back to Pattaya, a room search and find a bar where they can work. Then everything starts again from scratch. Back means losing face. The villagers and the other barmaids will laugh at her.

Nit sigh and yet chooses but for farang. They are gambling that he is honest and that he understands that he must meet., Agreements

Tomorrow part 3 (final)

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