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The taxi boat, a great alternative in Bangkok

khlong The public boats taxi boat, a great alternative in Bangkok There are many types of vehicles in the metropolis Bangkok. You can in a taxi or Tuk Tuk steps, but the chance that while spitsuur far is , is small.

Because the roads and around “Krung Thep” almost always clogging increasingly opting Thai, expats and tourists for alternatives. Fortunately, that is sufficient. You can opt for the Airport Link, Metro (MRT), Skytrain (BTS), motorbike taxis, but also the water taxi.

Chao Phraya Express

For most tourists is known that on the Chao Phraya various boats. You can pretty easily from the Saphan Taksin Skytrain station walk to the pier where the water taxis dock. You can then choose a tourist cruise, but also for a water taxi that a fixed route navigation.

Canal boat

There is a handy alternative if you quickly to the center of Bangkok ( Siam Square and vicinity) to travel without congestion. These are the khlong boats (bus boats). This sail daily to and fro on the Saen Saep canal of 05.30 â € “20.30.

and from the Bobae Market

There are two lines on Khlong Saen Saep that are in communication with each other. To quickly get from West to East Bangkok and back. At Pratunam (near Central World), you can proceed.

Earlier Joseph Guy wrote about this water taxi: Bangkok but different. You can, for example from the center of Bangkok to the Bobae Market. You buy some clothes for next to nothing. Walk to the right of the Ratchadamri Road towards Big C, respectively, the Amari Hotel, which you advertising logo already looks away. After about two hundred meters you will see the corresponding khlong. Go to that place via the stairs and step on the boat to one of the most famous markets of Bangkok: the Bobae Market. Make sure you take the boat that sails in the right direction. That is the step just over the bridge and not và ³ à ³ r the bridge, otherwise you sail in the opposite direction. In other words: the boat that sails from your direction to the left.

The route Grandpa Khlong Saen Sae

sail two lines Heta Saen Saep canal. There are several stops where you on or off.

Line 1. Golden Mount Line


Phan La Lilat

Bobae Market

Charoen Phon

  • Hua Chang (Siam Square)
  • Pratunam (Central World) *

Line 2. NIDA Line


Pratunam (Central World) *

Chit Lom


Nana Nuea

Saphan Asok

Prasan Mit

Ital-Thai Tower

Wat Mai Chong Lom

  • Thong Lo
  • Cham Issara

  • Klong Tan

  • The Mall 3

  • Ramkhamhaeng

  • What Thepleela

  • Ramkamhaeng 51


You get on the boat and you buy a ticket on board. The rate is between 10 and 20 baht depending on the distance. With a breakneck speed you leaving then toward your destination.

Change to bus, metro or skytrain

There’s a handy map available you can see where you can transfer to the Airport Link, Chao Phraya Express, MRT and BTS. This allows you to traffic jams on the roads in Bangkok easily circumvent. In addition, it is fast efficiency «nt and cheap.

Using the canal boat is only possible if you are a good walker. It is less suitable for the elderly. Remember that quickly and need to be.

More information:

– Khlong card (including Airport Link, Chao Phraya Express, MRT, and BTS).

NB: if the water in the Chao Phraya, and therefore the khlongs, rose, fern water buses anymore. They can no longer under the bridges.

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