The tough fight against illegal holiday parks in protected forests

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The tough fight against illegal holiday parks in protected forests


Thap Lan indicators Tough fight against illegal holiday parks in protected forests A picture is worth a thousand words, is a familiar phrase. The picture in this article summarizes the problem in a nutshell.

signs point to holiday in Thap Lan National Park. Most illegally built and demolition made no hurry, since in September the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (say Forestry) got a new head.

previous head Damrong Pidech was strict. In 2011 he succeeded after many tough legal battle with some ground to make equal. That was not easy, because the owners are often wealthy and influential persons and authorities are not keen to get. Arguing with them Moreover they have sufficient resources to carry.

legal proceedings

The new head Manopat Huamuangkaew, appointed by the Yingluck government, is a more flexible approach and you may ask â € “but we do not say out loud â €” who have whispered to him.

Yet Taywin Meesap (homepage photo), head of Thap Lan, not discouraged. In the park are demolished ten parks now herbeplant. The grass there high and saplings are â € ~ proof that we do our duty to inform the Landa € ™, the forest back, he says . â € ~ And not only that, we also warn anyone considering to buy them a wrong choice maken.â € ™

protected forest

Taywin came in early 2011 in function. On his desk was a designation of December 2010 to follow. All regional parks of forest management Article 22 of the National Park Act of 1961 were strictly This Article empowers the authorities to take. Hard action against illegal construction

Taywin and his assistant went to work in â € ™ the nation’s second largest national park (1.4 million rai). They found 429 cases of possible suspicious buildings. 50 the court had already determined that they were illegal. The owners were given three months to break. Their property off To make a long story short: 27 properties went to the ground and continued to walk the 23 owners jurische away


taking office promised Manopat that would be cracking new actions (let’s call them so) not tolerated but the demolition of his predecessor, he does not. wielded Forced to concentrate Taywin and his men now on reforestation and cleaning up what is left of the demolished holiday. But a request for a budget for the work, remained unanswered to date.

Past landless peasants took possession of the land, they are usually planted cassava on. The current crackers are rich investors and because they seem to have their way, small farmers still pulling into the forest, cut down trees and planting crops there.

â € ~ It is a vicious cirkelâ € ™ says Taywin. â € ~ The only way to put an end to is changing. public perception of conservation And if we can make to buy protected land rich people fear will reduce deforestation. It’s not just about Thap Lan, it comes to preserving forests throughout land.â € ™

(Source: Spectrum, Bangkok Post, July 14, 2013)

News from Thailand reported on July 17: - Since the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation got a new head, are illegally constructed and built holiday cottages in national parks not demolished, including its predecessor, but the new Minister of Natural Resources and Environment wants to do short shrift to it.

Vichet Kasemthongsri says that from next month the breaker is waving. To this end, he rigged a committee of twelve members, who must make haste with the demolition, provided Jurisch the hook. The minister says a list of parks to have, which the legal process is completed. In Thap Lan National Park (Prachin Buri) is about 27 illegal and holiday in Khao Laem Ya-Mu Koh Samet to three.

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