The tsunami disaster movie

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The tsunami disaster movie

 Tsunami The tsunami disaster film

‘The Impossible’

at the International Film Festival in Tokyo was recently screened a film, which frighteningly realistic and the terrible tragedy of the tsunami disaster of 2004 in the south of Thailand shows.

screen roar the monstrous waves, as liquid thunder ravage the coast. A young family, father, mother and three young sons, watching in horror violence that water, that them as a titanic blow affects. They are swept away by endless streams, it shatters their peaceful life, suddenly and forever changing. It is a dramatization of a nightmare that this family will, which the makers not only the tsunami attempt to reconstruct, as it really was, but also a tribute wants to humanity, in life-threatening situations hope will cherish and want to survive sometimes invincible.

‘The Impossible’

The reviewer in the Bangkok Post saw the movie â € œThe Impossibleâ € (The impossible) and thought it was a strange sensation for although computer-generated waves on the screen, after 24 months ago the real catastrophic waves of the tsunami saw in the northeastern part of Japan, that tens of thousands of people killed. In a way it’s showing this film a test, because for obvious reasons, this film are sensitive to the Japanese public. Therefore, there is (still) no permission to film in Japan to distribute.

For any doubts the film begins with the announcement that the story is true. Of course we know that disaster which happened in 2004, but actually wants to say that the story of the five-member family had actually occurred. In real life it is a Spanish family that also explains that the film is directed by a Spaniard, Juan Antonio Bayona. The film was earlier in Toronto premiere, where the English protagonists also met with the real family, who actually portrayed. The film follows the Bennets â € “Henry, Mary and their three sons, Luke, Simon and Thomas â €” in their testing before, during and after the disaster. See it coming from the water, survive in this water violence and emotional horrors beyond.


film is thus a family, in a resort in Khao Lak in southern Thailand arrives for a beautiful Christmas and of course â € “unlike the viewer â €” unaware of the impending doom. Two days after their arrival, the family entertained herself by the pool when the earth trembles, the Andaman Sea growls and the wall of water poured over them.

Bayona reconstructs the harrowing testimonies from confusion of bodies, as in turbo-machine rondgetold be injured by wandering wood and metal and finally a large cemetery changes. You see the lead actress on her eldest son dives, both swept away by a huge mass of mud, but fail to abide by a trunk to cling on and with rubble and mud-covered beach to be thrown. The rest of the film shows the chaos in hospitals and shelters as Luke his father and two brothers trying to find, while Mary the necessary surgery on her torn breast and leg sets.

I own the tsunami only distance experienced. Yes, I have here in Pattaya helped to raise money and goods for the victims and all the stories on television and newspapers followed. I’m not a fan of disaster movies, but on the other hand, the realism of this film is also a blessing for survivors and friends and relatives of victims. Maybe even a curse to the misery of that time again raked to see. I do not know, I have my doubts. However, Thailand has apparently not those doubts, because the film is from 29 November in the cinemas.

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