The week of Edith Point

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The week of Edith Point

Edit Point Week of Edith Point Edith Point (1957) lived and worked from 1984 to 1996 in Thailand. In 1999 she started her consulting firm in Amsterdam. Since 2002 she is located in Zwolle. Editha € ™ s expertise lies in international team building and the provision of cross-cultural management PROGRAMS € ™ s. She is the current president of Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. They visited Thailand several times a year.

Monday November 11

From my role as EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) I bring today by Windesheim. The day starts with a university-wide college freshmen of Windesheim on my own entrepreneurship. The students find especially interesting the start of my career in the company of my father in Thailand.

Then I attend a workshop on Search Engine Optimalization . At lunch I discuss with a teacher HRM preparing a college international HRM that I give a few weeks. In the afternoon again the broad training college.

â € ™ evening I drive to New Leusden to attend. initial regional meeting of the ONL recently founded by Hans Biesheuvel (ONL for entrepreneurs) Hans Biesheuvel (former chairman SMEs Netherlands) presented his agenda and is in discussion with Member of Parliament Eddy Hijum (CDA) and Alderman Sir Rene (VVD) of the municipality of Zwolle. I’m at the end of the evening not yet convinced of the value of a membership ONL.

Tuesday, November 12

Early telephone consultation with the Director of the Animal Zwolle, where I supervise a project. I send Khun Chaturont Chaiyakam of the Thai Embassy in The Hague just a short note to congratulate Ambassador Virachai Plasai the ruling of the International Court yesterday.

Then I drink a cup of coffee with Petra van der Veen, author of â € ~ Women at the Topa € ™. She tells how she works at the Speakers Academy, where she belongs as topspreker. The afternoon flies by, I write two reports


â € ™ evening I make a start with a complex proposal for a PoA needed the door to out. If I just Pauw & Witteman look, I guest that Lilian Ploumen is because of the assistance to the Philippines see. I hope she’s something about her impending visit to Asia «will say, but unfortunately Thailand is not on the agenda.

Wednesday, November 13

In the morning I see a proposal for a joint Ilse Kerling Asia «training for WTC Enschede. Today I met Sieb High Strasbourg from Brussels that represents the Thai Board of Investment (BoI) in the Benelux. The board of NTCC Netherlands regularly works with Sieb and Khun Chanin Khaochan, directly from the BOI Frankfurt. Last year we shared two successful seminars in Groningen and Amsterdam cared.

We visit along the Empack fair in the IJsselhallen and know the attention of a few companies to bring Thailand. â € ™ evening we dine together in Zwolle to plan for the activities to be discussed.


Thursday, November 14

I used the morning to complete all kinds of loose ends and then get into the car to visit.’s National Export Event Agentschap.NL in the WTC Rotterdam We will be five-strong from the NTCC administration to participate and after dining with Doris Voorbraak, the assumed office in August Deputy Chief of Mission of the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok. Sieb Hoogstra has gone in the morning all around and call me if he goes back to Brussels with enthusiastic stories about his encounters and new opportunities he sees.

Marco de Jong, former EVD / Agency consultant, is the first person I bump into at WTC. Then I speak here with two attaché © s of the Embassy in Hanoi and then look at Doris Voorbraak. Doris is very pleased with the event and says she has had interesting encounters and has an appointment.

Fenedex the awards ceremony for the Export Manager of the Year Tom Ambaum Neptune I see our treasurer Kees Mommers to. Kees years fulfilled the same role for NTCC Thailand. The drink our fellow drivers Niek Reichgelt (VNU Exhibitions) and Alexandre Klinkenberg (Type2Solutions) join us.

Together we welcome our new Secretary toegetredenÂ, Jolinde Segeren of CinevLab. The other two board members, Harry Betist (Aviareps, representative of TAT in Benelux) and Ben Veldman (DoubleA Paper), can unfortunately not be there because of their foreign trips.

I make at the closing reception of the opportunity to get to Bass Pullens (NFIA) to ask about the more centralized control of the regional offices as BOM and Oost NV. I have a NTCC Handbook on and give it to Jeanette Baljeu, alderman of Port, Transport and Regional Economics in Rotterdam. Jeanette and I know each other from LVN (Liberal Women’s Network). She does like to meet up to hear about NTCC.

after the municipal elections once

Around 7 pm, everyone pulled up at the table in the brasserie Steel acquaintance with Doris Voorbraak. After a round of introductions quickly creates a lively conversation about all the changes within the Agency and Ministry, Myanmar and the Top Sector Policy. On a more pragmatic level, we talk about the activities of Doris at NTCC in the past year, our future and the challenges that we see.

Friday November 15

Today I work on location in the Animal Shelter. There are seven POP calls on the roll. It is extraordinary to work at the Animal Shelter, you’re in the middle of the dynamics of barking dogs, kittens playing and enthusiastic volunteers


Animal has seven permanent employees and is supported by over forty volunteers. The challenge of this project is to bind the volunteers and to ensure quality of care and achieve.

at the same time sufficient placements and a short duration of animals

At half past two I’m ready to go home and go to behind the laptop to control. quiet what matters At five o’clock I get in the car to drive to IQ Kunstuitleen. Owner Ivo de Lange, the gallery made available for the kick-off of the newly formed Liberal Business Club Zwolle (LBZ), where I temporarily fulfill the role of Treasurer of the Board at this initial stage. Former mayor and current president of the Senate, Loek Hermans will give at 7 pm kickoff.

LBZ offers entrepreneurs from the region a platform to come up with policy makers in The Hague directly. Zwolle is doing well and is regularly in the top of the Elsevierlijstjes. The regional administrative economic agreement between seventeen counties from  four provinces constantly underlines what has become known as â € ~ The Zwolle Krachtâ € ™ .

Tineke Bakker, former chairman of VNO-NCW, leads after the kick-off a panel discussion, where in addition Loek Hermans, Meijer also mayor, alderman The Lord (Economy) and Member of Parliament Malik Azmani participate.

Saturday November 16

Delicious all morning newspapers and Elsevier read. Around noon I go downtown and just wander by â € ~ Waanders in Broerenâ € ™, the beautiful bookstore with brasserie in Broerenkerk, and eat a sandwich. â € ™ s afternoon I prepare the IBL (International Business and Languages) guest lecture for maandagmorgen for.

Sunday, November 17

High time for some exercise after a week of many dinners and get-togethers. After an hour of fitness I scour internet to find out more about the panelists for the debate GEW (Global Entrepreneurs Week) tomorrow afternoon that I may lead some more. Rudie Beverwijk of Altrex here from Zwolle I know personally, the others are less well known but I seem to have impressive experience in Africa, India, Russia and Brazil. Late afternoon I bring a private visit to Henk © Boshove, partner of PwC in Zwolle. He takes his family on holiday to Thailand and want some tips.

Monday November 18

Without unscathed ILL lectured. I met Charlotte Extercatte for lunch. Thanks to her I have been training at Biomimicry 3.8 Interface carpet makers in Scherpenzeel may follow recently. Charlotte is a sharp consultant in the field of sustainability and circular economy, it is a pleasure to spar with her. Interface is a special company that has â € ~ cradle to cradleâ € ™ to an art form. Their Thai HQ is located in Sriracha and they also have a production facility in Navanakorn.

At 2 o’clock I met the GEW (Global Entrpreneurs Week) panelists for a briefing. They are fascinating entrepreneurs with great stories and the panel discussion is a very lively, but they need lecturer Huub Ruel some time and I stand up for the NBSO to have come. Positive effects of economic diplomacy into their own â € ™ evening I follow the Giro 555 national action for the Philippines, when I go to sleep is the current 15.6 million.

Submitted communication

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