Theorem v / d week: From 9,000 baht per month, a Thai non life!

6th of January 2014 0

Theorem v / d week: From 9,000 baht per month, a Thai non life!

Thailand poverty Theorem v / d week: from 9,000 baht per month, a Thai not live! It has now been a year ago that Prime Minister Yingluck it by her party promised minimum daily wage of 300 baht (â, ¬ 6,70) introduced.

A beautiful and socially striving to do what the (too) low wages in Thailand. Unfortunately, this noble plan limp to the fact that – to my knowledge – no provisions on working time that should belong to the minimum wage


Employers have seized upon this fact to work. workers longer It is therefore questionable whether employees something with his progress.

Another question that remains open is the following: can a Thai of 9,000 baht per month life? I think not. Yeah, maybe if you live in a house in Isaan, but Bangkok will certainly not succeed. A room costs as soon as 2,000 baht per month and then you have nothing special.


inflation also has quite struck in Thailand. Especially meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, vegetables and fruits are more expensive in Thailand. Compared to the consumer price index, based on 450 products increased by 1.92 percent and 1.46 percent last year compared to October, according to figures from the Ministry of Commerce. Core inflation (312 products without fresh food and fuel) rose at an annual rate of 0.85 percent, so that remained within the target of 0.5 to 3 percent of the Bank of Thailand. Average inflation was the first eleven months of this year, 2.24 percent and core inflation of 1.02 percent (Source: Bangkok Post). Perhaps not shocking, but if you have very little to spend.



It is virtually impossible for an unskilled Thai to start a family. with this income Both parents will have to work with any children being raised by grandparents.

It is in my view not surprising that many single women with children, have their hopes on a farang who provide their will. If you need to make long days each month and should work for 9000 baht, hard not see your future looks very bright.

Hence the assertion of the Week: From 9,000 Baht (200 euros) per month, you can not live


Do you think differently? Please indicate your opinion in a comment.

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