Theorem v / d week: Most Thai have little on the collective or general interest

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Theorem v / d week: Most Thai have little on the collective or general interest

Collective Theorem v / d week: Most Thai have little to

symbol of national unity

If you come to live here as an expat is how much your family means to Thai within a short time. And are therefore referred to good friends, neighbors and friends who sometimes come daily on the floor, bring food and continue eating. Along with family Strangers are in this world but difficult allowed, unless of course you will be part of the family.

by a relationship

Caring for each other


​​care of each other, â € ~ take carea € ™ is a winged word here. Especially for the family and the surrounding functioning clan. It not only cooks for each other, they help each other in many ways, with work, chores, to borrow money, pay bills. The farther away people are from this clan, the less people care about them and cares for them. It is thought primarily to themselves and to the clan members.

No opinion?

If you ask Thai to their opinion about what is happening at the national level takes many people his / her shoulders. All corrupt officials and politicians, profiteers, looking at dirty pictures on their tablet in parliament or sleep, take care of themselves (and the clan in their own region) but bad for the population as a whole. Are concerned with issues that people hardly interesting (amnesty, choosing senators, the constitutional amendment, scale investments).


Look at the recent polls once again after, and the criticism that it resounds. One is happy when populist measures that the life of the average and below-modal Thai sweeten: more money for rice, rubber, (and in the future perhaps pineapple, rambutan, palm oil, shrimp, durian) and raising the minimum wage . Murmured as is the cost of living going up: additional costs for electricity, cooking oil, not to mention the daily beer or whiskey. That these measures at national level are costly ultimately to be recouped through taxes seems only economists, accountants and interest. Scientists Mon pen rai. Who will live, who will then. That is mainly the business and the higher incomes (mostly in Bangkok) who pay the taxes for the poor regioâ € ™ s even few known.

symbol of national unity

symbol of national unity is the king. It is amazing how many people say the king to keep and how little one knows what the king actually want in the collective interest of all Thai. National pride is also there. This focuses on Thai that deliver exceptional performance. Almost exclusively athletes are eligible (not scientists). A man like Kuhn Mechai Viravaidya (bijgnaamd Mr. Condom), as Minister of Health the problem of AIDS and HIV negotiable made decades ago, is unknown to all my students. Incomprehensible to me. The sports heroes (the women’s volleyball team, badminton star Rachanok and Muang Thai boxer Buakeaw, the Olympic medalists in weightlifting and boxing) are not saving.

away from the TV

Laconic attitude of most Thai

laconic attitude of most of the Thai national or collective interest speaks volumes. Is this a sign of insufficient knowledge (of economic thought), of resignation (society is dominated by a small number of groups of rich Thai), apathy (â € ~ they do Maara € ™), a correct Buddhist attitude (life is suffering and the only thing that helps is to meditate, what does not help is think and solve the problems together) or the realization that no one actually in Thailand (except the king) is really concerned about the future of all Thai?

I do not know. What I do know is that most Thai little to do with the collective interest.

it you agree or disagree with this statement? Respond and tell why.

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