Theorem v / d week: Negotiating the price of your hotel room in Thailand pays!

13th of May 2013 0

Theorem v / d week: Negotiating the price of your hotel room in Thailand pays!

Thailand for tourists favorable prices, yet even turn this relatively low prices negotiable. A survey in the business market showed that negotiation always pays. In 90% of all cases, the rate went down.

Who goes on vacation to Thailand has an unprecedented choice of hotels in all price ranges. From simple beach huts to the most luxurious five-star hotels, you can book it. And there is another advantage. In Thailand, a hotel much cheaper than in Europe.

course depends the price of your room also depends on what you want. The requirements of a backpacker quite different from a newly married couple or a business traveler, but for every purpose and budget is an appropriate hotel accommodation available.

course you can use a hotel booking website. But self call a hotel and ask for a discount on the rates, is definitely a good option. There is always a margin because the hotel booking sites also receive commission for their services.

also always pay attention to what you get for your money, such as:

  • Are the prices including or excluding additional costs. Usually there is room for a 10% service charge, 7% VAT and 1% provincial taxes. Together approximately 18%. Unless otherwise stated, these taxes are not included in the prices of most middle and upper class hotels.
  • mentioned
  • Are there fees for using Wifi?
  • Should you pay extra for using a credit card?
  • or without breakfast?

Himself I managed a few times to negotiate at a hotel. A discount or upgrade But sometimes does not work. So I had to Ibis in Thailand even pay 40% more than when I booked over the internet.

What are your experiences? Do you agree with the proposition that self-negotiate the price of a hotel room in Thailand is worthwhile or are you a different view?

Review and verklap your negotiating tactics.

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