Theorem v / d week: Superiority Waan Thai keeps separate

2nd of January 2014 0

Theorem v / d week: Superiority Waan Thai keeps separate

Reds Hirst demonstration afraid Theorem v / d week: Superiority Waan Thai keeps separate

lot on this blog already stepped on the nature and cause of the political crisis and protest wave that Thailand holds the grip. In those comments à © à © n element is often neglected. Much more than the assumed income differences or between city (Bangkok) and rural superiority delusion keeps the two separate camps. Expressed in the obsession with skin color that many Thais have: the whiter part of the country looks down on the darker fellows from the North and more particularly the Northeast


You will find that element back into arguments contra the holding of elections. The â € šgele Kampa € ™ (including foreigners who thereby feel more at home) often performs the â € ~ € ™ omkoopbaarheidâ of the population in the Northeast part of the country. Those are the people who do not look beyond their noses, the â € ~ poor wretches who smacking hebbenâ € ™ no satang and are thus unresisting surrender to a corrupt power-mad as Mr. T. â € zThe people with little education do not buy it there. Only the poor souls without a bit of money and prospects stairs there yet! Â € wrote one commenter on them.

Protest Leader Suthep says from the various stages some more plastic. Live there too  ignorant, uneducated waterbuffels⠀. In the Northeast Of those wretches and water buffalo There are so many that elections may be better not kept the poor sloebers will indeed vote again found themselves in power.

But, you argue, many of the people who are protesting are originally from the countryside, also from the Northeast. Why would they šrootsâ € ™ look down on their â €? However, it may be the result of a phenomenon that also occurs elsewhere. In Germany, for example, suffer many former GDR citizens before the fall of the Berlin Wall to the West have fled to Ossie syndrome: they look down and not want to be identified with the â € ~ € ™ Ossiesâ that only with the reunification of Germany were automatically Germans. Or look at the â € šoudeâ € ™ immigrants who have acquired their new homeland. Has some status They often work more than natives against € ™ â € ™ nieuweâ entrants.

In Thailand, the superiority thought about as genetically determined and not of today or yesterday. The Thai people who succeed in a piece about the fence around their land to look around to see backward regions inhabited by underdeveloped beings. Indeed, they conveniently places fences on their own territory. So was â € ~ you’re a Laoâ € ™ a common insult. Something like â € ~ you’re a stupid Boera € ™, we have all you need for our daily plate of rice.

You will look down on that translated into economic deprivation and generalizations. Popular blogs that all prostitutes in Thailand are from Isaan. Coming Whether there is â € ~ Isaan TypeA € ™ used to characterize only by money lust-driven relationships with white foreigners entering.

Thai women

The argument can be illustrated with a look at the political map. A completely blue strook (Democrats) from North to the deep South to the west of the country, a total red area (Pheu Thai) in the North and East. There is no political party that there is even a little manages to break these boundaries. Confirms that the two largest parties invloedsgebiedâ € ™ supporters have ~ among all sections of the population within their â €, once again the correctness of the statement superiority delusion keeps Thai separated. The postponement of elections does not change anything. On the contrary, taking away the right to vote will be strengthening the population in the red areas only. Sense of second-class citizen With all its consequences.

short superiority delusion ensures that Thailand consists of two camps, and this keeps the Thai separated. Agree with this statement true or disagree? Leave a comment and tell why.

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