Theorem v / d week: Thai swallow drugs like candy

5th of March 2014 0

Theorem v / d week: Thai swallow drugs like candy

medicines Theorem v / d week: Thai swallow drugs like candy A farang friend of mine had once flu . His Thai setting insisted on a doctor’s visit. The friend wrote me that he knew what would happen: he got a pile of medicines along. His medication was simple: Flu comes with medications within a week, and without medications within seven days. This friend was a general practitioner and doctors are supposed to know that.

My mother took two maxims: It came naturally and it goes away. On aanstelleritis she detests. Rule 2: If you do not have a fever, are not you sick


These sober approaches ailments and discomforts I always think in Thai. My (stupid) laws, where I lived for a while, wanted to send me to the doctor after I â € ™ night vomited twice. Not so strange eaten the night before, and there may mussels bad guys from sitting


to the grocery store to buy


Everywhere in the house swung dawned bags with pill. At the slightest ailment they ran to the grocery store to get tetracycline buy. In the Netherlands only available on prescription, in Thailand, in the middle of nowhere for anyone to buy the countryside.

My girlfriend has the same approach, even when I do not feel good. She wants me equal to the medication. It took a long time before they accepted that I was not amused. They’ll find me a codger because I do not want to utilize the benefits of modern medicine. Use And this in a country where herbal medicine is highly regarded.

Medication threatens public health West

Why am I writing all this? Because I believe that the consumption of drugs in Thailand, and perhaps also in other countries of Asia, “and in Africa, poses a threat to public health, not only in Thailand but also elsewhere in the world. Resistance, ladies and gentlemen, that is the problem. Some medicines no longer work and the development of new takes time.

Since I care News from Thailand, I have collected all the messages on resistance. Click here to read them, but I warn you: you is not happy


My thesis is that Thai drugs like candy swallow. Is that your experience or do you have other experiences? Respond to the statement.

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