Theorem v / d week: Thais are like little children

8th of October 2013 0

Theorem v / d week: Thais are like little children

Men dressed as women, someone with a (hopefully rubber) a sledgehammer blow to his head gets, someone smeared with mud, whose face someone leg is lifted. These are just a few scenes from Thai TV PROGRAMS € ™ s where the public (visible, no canned sound) is having a great amuses.

expat once said: Thais are like little children. Apparently spoke the kind of humor to him. Willy Walden and Piet Muijs Laar will he do not know, because comedians performed in dress as Miss and Miss Snip Snap (1937-1977) And what about the act of Andrà © van Duin, where he was a lousy moped helmet.

Who ever games PROGRAMS € ™ s on the Thai has seen TV might come to the same conclusion. Candidates fall into the water, falling from a mechanical bull â € “there are many cases in which PROGRAMS € ™ s. When a song contest, the loser gets a load of white flour over them. And the audience laughs aloud.

parliamentarians «rs sometimes also seem to squabbling children. Are still fresh in the memory images of the pushing and shoving when an MP was removed from the meeting by police and images of another Member that direction chairman threw two chairs.

Occasionally turns up the expression â € ~ Thais are just (small) kinderenâ € ™ in response to Thailand Blog. The reason for that here in the form of a â € “yes, we know it â €” to submit provocative proposition and to ask you: Are Thai like little children? Or do you think not? Explain why or why not? Like arguments, examples, no cries.

Thai Small children Theorem v / d week: Thais are like little children

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