Theorem v / d week: “The ‘Land of Smiles’ does not exist and has never existed.”

27th of February 2014 0

Theorem v / d week: “The ‘Land of Smiles’ does not exist and has never existed.”

Dead children Theorem V / d week: â € ~ â € ~ The Land of Glimlachâ € ™ does not exist and has never bestaan.â € ™

Grief for children are killed

So Ico Lyer described in Thailand in 1988: â € ~ A dream destination, with first class service at prices Third World country, exotic mixed with elegantieâ € ™.

He continues: â € ~ An area of ​​peace and Washingtonâ € ™ s best friend, the more the government changed the more the monarchy same blijft.â € ™ The nightlife does not remain unmentioned: â € ~ … after meals are taken up other desires, flashing neon lights of bars and discotheques € ™ s massage and stately palaces . â € ™ â € ~ Bangkok is the shopping paradise of the Oosten.â € ™ â € ~ The landscape is an orchid to «n fragrant garden with sparkling temples, lush forests, palm-fringed white beaches; here and there a Buddhist meditation center with smiling, courteous people. The biggest problem of the â € ~ Land of the Glimlachâ € ™ is simply that the â € ~ € ™ onweerstaanbaarâ is.

The â € ~ Lonely Planet talks about â € ~ this friendly and fun-loving, exotic and tropical, cultural and historical country with its friendly glimlachâ ; € ™. A land of â € ~ Vrijenâ € ™, with a carefree, harmoniously living population, all thanks to a hard-working elite.

There is one small problem: this still image called the â € ~ Land of the Glimlachâ € ™, this land of unity and happiness, is a pure invention. Also discard most official «le history books but in the trash.

I also

years as an expat living in that delusion with a good pension. Now I’m going to read more, in recent years, thanks to Thailand Blog, talked with more and more people around me have looked, I know better.

Thailand is a torn country groups in society apart from life and hate each other in a terrible way. A country that often prevails lie. A country where, especially among the elderly, bitter poverty amid wealth. A country where freedom and justice are just words. A country where propaganda is mistaken for the truth. A country where for years a bloody battle rages in the â € ~ Deep Zuidenâ € ™, where few people to care. A country where it is especially important who your parents are and how much money you have. A country where pattern-client «nt relationships patron violently benefits and the client« nt allowed with occasional dry crust happy. A country where, God forbid, a revolution can not be ruled belongs.

Following a response to Thailand Blogs â € ~ Thai confront nieta € ™ I asked my teacher how Thais that works. He smiled and said:

Suppose your neighbor constantly throwing garbage on your fence (Thai should have a fence around their souls, he added to it). Then there are three possibilities:

  1. Your neighbor is higher up the social ladder as you. Then you clean up the mess yourself and you hide your anger and annoyance somewhere in your heart.
  2. Your neighbor is about as high on the social ladder. Then invite him to dinner, and after some time you say casually by â € ~ annoying that lately much waste is in my garden, I have no idea how, arrives € ™. Usually, the problem solved.
  3. Your neighbor is lower on the social ladder. Then you turn the window of your Mercedes down and shout: â € ~ Would you goddamn stop throwing that stuff in my garden! Clean it immediately! Â € ™

Sometimes I doubt myself. Is what I wrote down above are sheer nonsense, I’m exaggerating, there is a kernel of truth, or is it just in general where?

help me and respond to the Theorem: â € ~ The Land of Glimlachâ € ™ does not exist and has never bestaanâ € ™

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