Theorem v / d week: The Thai language is not pleasing to the ear

22nd of October 2013 0

Theorem v / d week: The Thai language is not pleasing to the ear

There are about 6,800 known languages ​​around the world. Of these 2,261 based on a written system, the others are just below spoken form. Some languages ​​are nice to listen to, as the French language. It sounds melodious and pleasant to the ears. How different it is with the Thai language.

When I am in Thailand I listen regularly to the Thai TV, I do not understand but I am interested in the tone and sounds. The same is true when we go to the birthplace of my girlfriend in Isaan. I listen to the sounds that use Thai to communicate. And one thing always strikes me: it’s terrible. Not to hear. The Thai language sounds to me like a squeaky door or with your nails on a chalkboard. Just ugly.

This statement requires some qualification. I’m talking mainly about the Isaanse dialect. The normal Thai language is to prune slightly better but still not really good to listen to.

A good example is my girlfriend. When she speaks English she has a beautiful voice, it sounds lovely and feminine. A feast for my ears. However, when she is in the Isaan dialect and speaks, she sounds totally different. Especially with many shrill treble. I think it is absolutely beautiful. And how hard I try, the Thai / Isaanse language can satisfy me in any way. Hence the assertion of the week: “The Thai language is not pleasing to the ear ‘


But maybe you do not agree and do you think it sounds beautiful. Leave a comment and tell your opinion.

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