Theorem v / d week: We must stop shaving all Thais over a comb!

27th of October 2013 0

Theorem v / d week: We must stop shaving all Thais over a comb!

“If you listen to Thaisa when they speak Chinese, you would think that we all come from the same village, the same father and mother, and that we all think the same and do. Thousands of rice grains thrown in a basket …. Â Botan, Letters from Thailand.

I deliberately say Wija € ™ â € ~ as I sometimes do, I just hope not too often. We do that all on Sat € ™ s time. I think it’s a universal, inborn error of our people is, when we come into contact with other countries and peoples, which characterize foreign people to share and put in a box. This nation is like this, that people are so.

The first encounter is always something strange and fearful and in our uncertainty, we make it simple to stick. labels by Go ahead, sit quietly, close your eyes and think â € ~ Friezenâ € ™, â € ~ Amsterdammersâ € ™, â € ~ Russenâ € ™, â € ~ € ™ and â Thaia vrouwenâ € ~ € ™. © Okay? That’s what I mean. There always arises a kind of standard image, fueled by our own limited experiences and what we further read or heard.

What is common to Thai? Only a single egg egg thing: they are Thai, further they are all different, as different as Dutch. Can you paint a picture of a â € ~ typical Thaia € ™? No, you can not.

 So she once asked a hundred Dutch to sketch a typical â € ~ € ™ Nederlanderâ an image. These descriptions were a hundred many issues.

was then tested whether that description might be applied to egg egg one of those hundred people. It was not at all the case. A â € ~ typical Nederlanderâ € ™, or any people, is a chimera and has nothing to do.

with reality

But what does it well to, you say, where are you so worried about? Well, I leave that to your own judgment. I personally think it’s usually wrong and always annoying.

I think we should strive to avoid. clicheÌ s, generalities and generalizations us Let’s think first before we call something.

What are your own experiences? Do you recognize something in my story? Annoy you sometimes get this and what matters above all? Are you ideeeÌn the Thaia changed over € ™ â € ~ in the course of time? Are there things you still want to keep it as â € ~ typical Thaisa € ™?

Comment on the statement: We must stop all about Thai egg egg comb to shave n


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