Tough costs: A call to the readers of this blog

1st of December 2013 0

Tough costs: A call to the readers of this blog

Demonstration victim 300x227 Tough costs: A call to the readers of this blog ten o’clock Sunday morning. As I write I have the urge to overcome for information on the current state of affairs to move to sites where the news is given about what â € ~ from the drama Bangkokà € ™ is likely to be.

for conflict and the emotions are so piled high and hot to be touched or not exploded in the face of the country on a regular basis sharp political time bomb for the end of this piece I get.

only seen

How did it get this far? Ever since I first set foot on Thai soil dropped six years ago I learned this. In this country, the idea gained ground that you can slip through as many people get angry on the streets and stretching.

to protest as long as governments

The success of this tactic was demonstrated in 2008 by the Yellow Shirts. With occupations of TV stations, government buildings and the airport, they paved the way for the non-elected government Abhisit.

Two year later, the Red Shirts by two months siege of the business center of Bangkok for one another that Abhisit hell had clear field. At the cost of more than ninety deaths and massive destruction, a visible escalation of the protests of 2008.

Now or elected government of Yingluck Shinawatra should be on. December 2013 is fast becoming a carbon copy of May 2010 to be. Unguided missiles as redshirt leader Jatuporn find their counterpart in cunning manipulators as Suthep. The flocking € ™ s be whipped, as the protest takes longer to get the radikalinskiâ € ™ s political hooligans and more and more control to be completed and maximized, the action targets chosen so provocative that the counterparty risk for the action requirements cowards to be worn if not responded.


me the alarm bells were ringing when Yingluck cs their controversial amnesty law by parliament were rigged and that the Democrats responded with a call for demonstrative protest. At that time the parliamentary means to prevent the amnesty law by the Senate and would take effect quickly because had not been exhausted.

The alarm was soundly reinforced when the protest continued after Yingluck cs backed down and the Senate amnesty toppled in the trash. And all signals jumps to red when last weekend’s mass protest with the demand the resignation of Yingluck, not because success was disbanded but continued with the slogan: we continue to Thaksinisme is wiped


At such times, you know, with the recent history as a textbook, it is about more than rhetoric from the stage. You realize that analyzes that consider the mass protests as nothing more than a means of pressure for favorable positions at the negotiating table inescapable do well on the computer but do not correspond to the Thai reality.

That reality is that Thai politics except sick too is totally unpredictable. That in inaccessible for us backroom conspiracies are forged and chaos is prepared to stay or to come to power. Power

That reality

warns me that I should not translate into blindly following the propaganda that my dislike of the corrupt manipulator Thaksin and the government of his sister, who are on track to help this country to the ratsjmodee by the duo Abhisit-Suthep at us graduated.


protesters I can understand that, they want their long wait and see catcalls rewarded with results now. We, the foreign parties with Thailand, the (luxury) ability to use cautious and deliberate as possible responses.

our position on the sidelines in Thailand Blog

For myself I like taking the arguments of the famous Bangkok Post columnist Voronai Vanijaka as a guide. I am just as convinced that he fight evil with evil only produces more evil and holy purpose does not justify the use of every conceivable means.

For who’s interested:

I am a lover of the political debate. But considering what is going on, and in view also of the rumor mill running at full speed from Twitter and Facebook activists I want you and me to call retention. On a forum like Thai Visa shows that lack of restraint leads to abuse and condemnation on both sides of each other commenters are playing with the limited vision of the holy equal à © partement party.

I think today ZOA € ™ s sixty million Thai â € “if I may take the number at home if that estimate â €” hope and pray that you will find a peaceful way out of this crisis the country. I share that desire. Hence this call, you may call a heart. Cry

For as a Thai friend of mine and enthusiastic protester against this government, corruption and abuse of power warned this morning on her Facebook page in response to the first protest death: If things get wilder, we all have to go back and start all over again . She and her friends have protested this morning decided aversion Sutheps methods fail to join the action.

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