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6th of October 2013 0

Thailand Tourism Recovers From 2004 Tsunami, but…

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami killed over 200000 people, about 8000 of them in Thailand, and destroyed thousands of businesses. Thailand’s tourism in..


8th of September 2013 0

ป๊อป ปองกูล (POP Pongkool) : Thailand Tourism Festival 2013

09.06.13 ป๊อบ ปองกูล : POP Pongkool (Calories Blah Blah) ร้องเพลงในงาน เทศกาลเที่ยว�..


27th of August 2013 1

What country would be better to celebrate New year (31st December) on, Thailand or Vietnam?

Hi, Me and mt girlfriend are going to Thailand and Vietnam. We are travelling on the 27th of December but unsure were to spend our new year! Any recommenda..


20th of June 2013 1

Amazing Thailand – Tourism Authority of Thailand

Video Rating: 5 / 5


23rd of May 2013 1

where is a better place to study for travel tourism hospitality degree?

uk is too expensive, so are there any other places that is a good place to study for travel tourism hospitality degree, recognized? Best answer: Answer by ..


16th of March 2013 3

Where in Thailand should I rent a place for 4 months, and how much?

I want to rent fairly comfortable place in Thailand for 4 months. Want to be able to use internet regularly, hang out with people, and of course meet lovel..


24th of February 2013 8

Is Thailand has more to offer than the Phlippines?

I’ve been working in Europe for how many years now and most of Europeans whenever i asked them about great places in Southeast Asia, they’d alw..


8th of February 2013 0

Thailand – Pattaya – Walking Street 2011 (Shamus Travel Adventures) HD

Shamus visits one of Thailand’s top tourist destinations – WALKING STREET (in PATTAYA City). He sees many happy tourists celebrating the 2011 N..


22nd of December 2012 1

What is life like in Thailand compared to Philippines?

I am an American living in the Philippines temporarily. I find it very hard to get used to. A lot of corruption and people are always looking for a way to ..


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