traveling to Thailand?

11th of March 2014 2

traveling to Thailand?

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I will be going to Bangkok BKK and then to Denpasar Bali DPS what is the best and cheapest flight from BKK to DPS . The flight to BKK is on China and returning to HNL from DPS is on China. I just need to get to DPS to make the connection. Can you recommend a travel agency in BKK

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  1. SaLmaN 8:31 am 11/03 of 2014

    I’ll suggest you the cheapest you can get is on .

  2. MaxGramper houses 9:02 am 11/03 of 2014

    The cheapest direct flight from Bangkok to Denpasar is with Airasia (from 100 USD to 170 USD)

    This is a very reliable low cost company and you don’t need any travel agent to book the ticket, just buy the ticket online. You can also check in online at their website.

    There’s one daily direct flight leaving Bangkok at 06:15 and arriving Bali at 11:30

    Note that you can also fly with Airasia from Bangkok to Bali via Kuala Lumpur (they have several flights per day) and sometimes this is slightly cheaper.

    Anyway you must take into account that you have to allow enough time for your transfers, as you’ll book the BKK-DPS ticket separately from your other tickets. You should pass Immigration in Bangkok as there’s not Transit counter for Airasia flights in Bangkok.

    So when arriving to Bangkok you have to pass Immigration, claim your luggage (if any) and go to Airasia check in counters for your next flight. Three hours connection should be advisable.

    We hope you enjoy your stay in Bali!!


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