Travelling around Thailand?

19th of March 2014 2

Travelling around Thailand?

Me and my boyfriend are thinking around going backpacking around Thailand in January 2013, I would have to defer my uni place from september to febuary, is it worth it? Is travelling the best thing you’ve ever done? Or should I just go in septemer? Any tips for backpacking around thaliand? (places to go, what to do, do you make lots of friends?)

Thanks x

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Answer by Gee
Thailand is very easy to travel around – the most popular mode of transportation for Thai people and those on a strict budget is by the Thai government buses – fares are cheap and the service is very reliable, but a long bus journey can get quite uncomfortable after a few hours – otherwise, check out Air Asia, Thai Air, Bangkok Air and Nok Air for domestic Thailand flights – you may be able to get a good deal if you book online and in advance.

Thailand is a amazing place – great food, friendly people, laid back/easy going way of life and most things are readily available. The weather in Jan will be more hot than September. A lot of young tourists enjoy going to Koh Phangan (for the full moon party), Koh Samui, Chaing Mai and in Bangkok, the Khao San Road area, where there is a wide choice of cheap accommodation, including hostels and guest houses, which target young backpackers who are on a budget.

Enjoy your trip.

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  1. karazyal 8:28 am 19/03 of 2014

    Tourists show up in Thailand every month of the year. More tourists do show up from November to February when it is cold in N. America and Europe. This “high season” is also the most expensive time of the year to travel.

    September will be cheaper for hotels than November-February if you have a tight budget. Some of the airlines even lower the cost of their flights in September after most of the students go back to school. The weather is better during the high season. For September expect a little more rain but for some places this means maybe a couple hours out of the day. Often the rain falls during the night. This rain is not the cold stuff you get in other countries. Some minor flooding but usually only for a short time until drains catch up.

    I like the rainy season because the vegetation looks alive and not all brown and dried out. Also you get more fresh vegetables and fruit. This below weather link has more information on the bottom for specific areas. Some tourists only travel in the off season and they do this year after year.

    I would not put off a trip to Thailand even this next September. I think the holiday is worthwhile. You must plan a budget out and see how much you can afford for hotels. Usually hotels are your biggest expense. Food and local transportation in Thailand is pretty cheap compared to the West. A simple Google search will give you some of the “things to see and do” in Thailand. You can also use the below travel forums for specific hotel, tour, currency, scams, transportation, etc. information.

    Don’t put off getting a passport until the last minute. You can also go to a library and check out some travel guides on Thailand. If you or your family is loaded then maybe a Frommer’s or Fodors will be okay. On a tight budget then a Lonely Planet travel guide will be helpful.

    Good luck.

  2. spanky 9:02 am 19/03 of 2014

    There are plenty of people doing it so you will likely meet lots of interesting people if you are open and friendly, though these days it seems many “kids” keep their faces buried in some sort of internet communication device and avoid actually meeting people.

    When I was young, yes, travelling was the best – it can make you more worldly and confident and knowledgable abt other cultures and ways of life. Though surely it is not the best choice for everyone – you have to decide that for yourself – it’s your path,


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