Watch FULL SCREEN 720p – Patong, Phuket, Thailand 2011 – Editorial Stock Footages

2nd of April 2012 11

Watch FULL SCREEN 720p – Patong, Phuket, Thailand 2011 – Editorial Stock Footages

All the videos are recorded 1920 X 1080 with 100 or 160 iso Videos are recompressed to lower quality for web playback if you want to use these clips, you can contact with me
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11 great comment(s) for this post

  1. yawner1968 8:26 am 2/04 of 2012

    great video buddy…

  2. samquan123 8:43 am 2/04 of 2012

    real Thais are dark. they are Mon-Khmer peoples.

  3. ANICON2006 8:45 am 2/04 of 2012

    you did 2 things right, #1 you kept the camera steady so we can actually see what your taping, #2 you actually keep the camera on subjects long enough to see their faces & not a blur walking around, so props for not wasting time filiming subjects we couldn’t see!

  4. KingKonspacecome 9:12 am 2/04 of 2012

    very good work!

  5. no1doonsider 9:57 am 2/04 of 2012

    This video is superb. Great editing and music choice. Soo good

  6. vasanthfundreams 10:51 am 2/04 of 2012

    Some help to know, what is the title of background music?

  7. casidebo 11:25 am 2/04 of 2012

    Hermoso video, me ayudò a no decidir mis vacaciones con mi familia a phuket, tengo dos niñas de 7 y 9 y realmente lo que vi me van a generar gran cantidad de preguntas que no puedo responder en este momento de sus vidas. Gracias

  8. BladesEyeZ 11:31 am 2/04 of 2012

    what camera did you use

  9. KatheyAA 11:53 am 2/04 of 2012

    Even if they are trannies,they are really good and kind people!

  10. IIIIFredIIII 12:38 pm 2/04 of 2012

    super good quality video wow ….

  11. latinlovelust 1:31 pm 2/04 of 2012

    Excellent work… Bravo… Now was the first three girls was Ladyboys?


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