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19th of August 2013 2

What are some travel tips for visiting Thailand?

Thailand Flights

I’ll be going to Thailand for a study abroad from May 30 through June 25. I’ve traveled internationally before, but never quite this far or alone. What are some travel tips? Good airlines (flying from Chicago O’Hare)? About how much should I expect to spend while I’m there (not including accomodations)? We will be spending time in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Basically–what do I need to know before I set out on this adventure?

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Answer by fried crickets
If you’re not paying for accommodations probably about $ 2,000, more or less. It’s according to how much shopping you do. Take it in traveler’s checks in case they get stolen or lost and bring a debit card in case you need money when the banks are closed. Some ATMs at grocery stores will not accept your ATM card even though they have a major bank logo. The ATMs outside the bank building usually will cough out the cash. Carry toilet tissue with you. Some public toilets don’t have any, although most do or they have an attendant that will sell some or a vending machine. I’ve never gotten sick eating from a clean looking street vendor,but family and friends have gotten very ill eating at the fancier restaurants. I didn’t eat the crab fat in the curried crab, just the meat, or it could have been the clams. Some of them didn’t look too good. Bring some anti-runs medicine, although it is readily available at the drug stores. I get the runs from the airplane food after the first salad; and it’s a 20+hr. flight.

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  1. spanky 8:17 am 19/08 of 2013

    Travel here is easy. Thai are engaging and friendly. Smiling is important especially on first meeting. Be polite, take off your shoes before entering a home or temple – don’t ever sit with your feet pointed toward a Buddha – don’t ever point with your foot – good food can be had inexpensively in both thai restaurants and on the street… have fun.

  2. Nonmai Ptak 9:09 am 19/08 of 2013

    us$ 60/day should promise you a pleasant trip. do not eat anything purchased from street vendors – not hygienic. take antibiotics for one week and some medicine for diarrhoea. do not stay at the Downtown Inns when in Chiag Mai – there were reportedly seven mystery deaths in january and december at that hotel on top of the one in December which is not so widely reported. they were americans, canadian, new zealander, british … all foreigners except for one thai tour-guide.


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