Which is the best country in central asia for tourist - What are the best countries to travel to in Central Asia?

14th of December 2012 1

What are the best countries to travel to in Central Asia?

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What are some good places, with good entertainment, music, food, etc? I’m also looking for places with safety and little political oppression.

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Answer by David
UAE, it is good country except the high temperature and sand.
Dubai, Abudhabi are very good place for food especially.

Besides, I think China is also suitable for your appetite, if you wanna go.

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  1. Billi 8:21 am 14/12 of 2012

    I would recommend :

    Thailand – no.1 !
    Vietnam, cambodia, laos, china.

    They’re all exotic and fun.
    plus the food is great.

    enjoy !


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