Worst things about thailand - What are the three best and three worst things about Thailand?

13th of December 2013 7

What are the three best and three worst things about Thailand?

Your answer can relate to any aspect of Thailand; for example travel, food, politics, etc. Or it can be just three general things.

Best answer:

Answer by scottie322
The Scenery, The People and the Culture.
The Worst 3 things would be Drunken Tourists, Driving and Politicians lining their own pockets
( allegedly !!! )

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7 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Damon 8:11 am 13/12 of 2013

    1. Thailand is very beautiful.
    2. Thailand has awesome beaches.
    3. The Thai people and Thai food are excellent.

    The only real gripe I’ve had about Thailand has to do with driving and pollution (largely in Bangkok). Driving is a terrible thing here…like the Indy 500 all the time.

  2. SLF 8:39 am 13/12 of 2013

    best – the food. I love Thai food and like to cook it myself. I ate nothing but green chicken curry when I was there, I liked it so much.

    best – being able to chill out on a lovely island.

    worst – the smell! When I was in Bangkok I could hardly bear the dreadful stink – it was like sewers amd petrol fumes all mixed in together. I couldn’t wait to get a bus out to the coast.

    worst – the litter. The islands look idyllic but you take a walk into the interior and you find great big festering piles of untreated rubbish where stuff is just dumped. The Thais seemed to have little idea of recycling and hygienic waste disposal.

  3. No 9:33 am 13/12 of 2013

    Three best things
    1. I don’t have to listen to my ex wife over here.
    2. My lunch only cost about $ 1.25 here compare to $ 5 or more in the Good Old USA.
    3. I don’t have to shovel snow anymore.

    Three worst things
    1. Thai car drivers
    2. Thai truck drivers
    3. Thai motorcycle drivers

  4. Girl99 9:51 am 13/12 of 2013


    >Great Beaches
    >Good Shopping
    >Night Life


    >Noisy Drunkeds in your hotel (sometimes, only some hotels)
    >Language Barrier (some are better than english than others, some use calculators to show you the price of what ever you’re buying)
    >The political side of Thailand is not always stable

  5. IceCube 10:00 am 13/12 of 2013

    Best things:
    1. The good old Thai people, when you’re in need of help.. They do help.
    2. The real freedom to do anything (like take over the airport and still get away with it. Some even made it to be the foreign minister).
    3. Fooooods. Thailand is one of the world largest food producers. Foods are good, and cheap…
    (there’re more of course, but those are the best).

    Worst things:
    1. The Thai people, when they get mad.. They’re worst.
    2. Too much freedom to do everything; (even taking over the airport and still make it to the foreign minister).
    3. Life is too easy for anybody to try creating anything.. It’s too comfortable to move…

  6. kre_rocks 10:21 am 13/12 of 2013

    – Rock bottom prices compared to the West, especially on Thai food and Housing
    – Excellent local food
    – Some of the world’s friendliest, most generous, caring people

    – Unpredictable traffic, lack of bus schedule, terrible city transportation planning
    – Pollution, smoking (For outside Bangkok scratch this one and insert “bugs”)
    – Frequent but usually unintentional racism (A white person can never really be Thai, no matter how long he/she has lived here, or how well they can speak Thai)

  7. Negeshia 10:37 am 13/12 of 2013

    1. Inexpensive
    2. Colorful. There are many characters living in Thailand and its enjoyable seeing what they do to get along in life. There are also colorful Wats, kind of like the roadside attractions on highway 66 in the US in the 60’s.
    3. In many ways less restrictive than the US. You want to build a house, build it. You want to carry 10 people in your pick up never mind.

    1. The Thai way. Jimmy rigging everything is not always the best way to get something accomplished but will the locals listen to you no way.
    2. Drunken, abusive, farang. They give the guys who want to stay in Thailand a bad name. Holiday somewhere else if your going to be a rat bastard.
    3. Thai who think because you a farang your a walking ATM especially the tuk tuk drivers who have no quams about charging you 3 times the price for a ride.


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