Lists - What clothing would be appropriate for a holiday in Vietnam and Laos in May?

10th of January 2014 2

What clothing would be appropriate for a holiday in Vietnam and Laos in May?

Thailand Holiday

Going to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand for my honeymoon in May (6th-23rd) and will be doing a mix of nature: halong bay/mekong, city sights : Hoi an, Ho Chi Min City and teples: Angkor Wat.

I would like to be stylish and comfortable, and definitely do not want to offend anyone (by wearing inappropriate clothes in temples, etc) . Any suggestions on appropriate outfits?


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Answer by rachiepachie
When you are visiting Angkor Wat, I suppose you should not dress too skimpily as it shows disrespect in a place of worship. Otherwise, I can’t see how you will offend anyone in by dressing in cool comfortable clothing (I gather the weather should not be any lower than in the 20s degree Celsius range).

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  1. Ananya G 8:09 am 10/01 of 2014

    i lived in Laos……..there are only 2 seasons…..rainy and summer…… May it would be summer and very hot.the Laotians don’t really mind what u wear in Vientiane.thats the capital…….but if u plan to go to other places like Van Vieng or Tun Hin Bun then the ppl may mind if your too exposing…….in the temples u r strictly advised to be properly clothed…..wear pants or three fourths/ capris/ peddle pushers or best is wear a long skirt…….that would feel less hot……..wrap around skirts are also a good choice

    However at this time during the year visiting the Mekong might not be a great option as it might be pretty dried up because of china damning up all the water

    if your prone to getting skin allergies and things, be well prepared because the heat might create a problem and carry lots of water and sun tan lotion

    you might consider going to Luang Prabang…….that’s the old capital and there are plenty of temples to visit……Mt Phusi is a good place

  2. Jakob the Liar eats Gumbo Shrimp 8:52 am 10/01 of 2014

    Some rain storms may have started by then. Some of the mountains may be cold otherwise it’s like summer. For some temples they want long trousers and sleeves on your shirts. Usually you take your shoes off when going inside a temple. At Bangkok’s Grand Palace I believe they want close-toed and close-heeled shoes.


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