Lists - What country would be better to celebrate New year (31st December) on, Thailand or Vietnam?

27th of August 2013 1

What country would be better to celebrate New year (31st December) on, Thailand or Vietnam?


Me and mt girlfriend are going to Thailand and Vietnam. We are travelling on the 27th of December but unsure were to spend our new year!
Any recommendations? Were would you recommend and why?
Please give as much detail as possible please i.e Country, city etc.

Thanks a lot for any help.

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Answer by Derek Carr
That depends on what you want to do. If you want a quiet celebration with just your family then definitely go to Vietnam because Vietnam doesn’t really celebrate the new year like western cultures do. Vietnamese people follow the Chinese calendar which has its new year usually sometime in February and in Vietnam that holiday is the most celebrated. Chinese new year in Vietnam is called Tet.

Thailand is a much more westernized country which will have lots of foreign people there for the holidays too. That time of the year is the busy season for tourism in Thailand which means prices will be a little higher than normal, but you can still have loads of fun!

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  1. Sam D. 8:26 am 27/08 of 2013

    I’d go for Thailand, but that’s just my gut reaction– I’m sure they’re both lovely :)


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