What else needed to go thailand - What else do I need to bring to Thailand?

24th of September 2013 2

What else do I need to bring to Thailand?

I have a Passport. I will travel there for two weeks or 14 days in Feb 2010. Do I need a visa or shots? My wife is from Thailand and has been here in US since 2006 and going there to see her family in South Thailand and travel around. I am in the Navy reserves and where my wife is from it is restricted for active military but not sure on reservist.? Etc?

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Do I need a visa, well, it depend on your citizenship. I will assume your US, if so, then you don’t need a visa, you are visa exempt for a period of 30 day stay. As for where your wife is from in the south, you should ask your reserve unit for best advices, but you also don’t mention where in the south she is from? Only 3 provinces in the south where there is problem and even there the problem has nothing to do with foreigners.

Just bring some light weight clothes, bathing suit, and any medications you may be taken.

If you plan to use a credit card or ATM card here let your bank know about your travel plans so they don’t lock your account when you try to make a purchase or withdrawal.

Other than that there are people who are long winded who will give you more advice, but what I told you is enough to get by.

Have fun and

Good Luck

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  1. spanky 8:50 am 24/09 of 2013

    sounds like you should be fine – you can check w/American Embassy in Bkk as to whether or not there are restrictions due to military status – and depending on which Province in the South – some of them, nearest the Malaysian border, have problems –
    good luck & enjoy your travels

  2. karazyal 9:20 am 24/09 of 2013

    What part of “South Thailand” is she going to?? Unless you are planning on wearing your uniform no one would know you are in the Navy!

    Hat Yai and Phuket should be okay unless she intends to drag you to Yala, Narathiwat, Songkhla or Pattani then you might want to decline the offer. Perhaps have her family visit you? There are some state department warnings concerning some areas of southern Thailand.

    I have been to Hat Yai several times, even recently and didn’t feel unsafe.

    Bring a sense of humor to Thailand if this is the first time you have been to Asia. For only 14 days and with a US passport you will be okay. Oh yeah, wait until you get to Thailand to change any money over for your best results. Bank money changers at the airport 24 hours a day and in most cities tourists go to. You can use ATM’s for cash too but you must tell your bank that you will be overseas first. You can also change travelers checks pretty easy, only bring the largest sizes to cut down on fees to cash them.

    Good luck.


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