What I need to know about Penthouse Pattaya Hotel and any reviews?

10th of April 2012 0

What I need to know about Penthouse Pattaya Hotel and any reviews?

Ok i feel that i am going to have the most fun by staying at the Penthouse in Pattaya what should i know about the hotel and the area. Any reviews of this Hotel, and still looking for a good service to do the transportation to and from Bangkok, money is not an issue here it is just about getting there in luxury and not be cramped.

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Answer by jonny w
I stayed there, try and go to the pattayatalk.com board, lots of reviews there.

#1 roaches, lots of them, they will get into your bags
#2 the room will be filled with items for sale, the girls that visit you will steal them, and you have to pay at checkout
#3 -0 to no security, anyone can just wakl in and make like they belong there
#4 the transportation service is severly over priced
#5 they may not honor your reservation when you arrive, you are on the street without a room
#6 the food there is expensive, but you will not get sick

Please visit the pattayatalk.com board and get the hotel scoops, you can get a taxi service for about 1200 baht to get you.
Good to have a Thailand SIM card before you arrive, I seen them on ebay for $ 7

#7 I forgot to mention they have rats and mice in the hotel too. I saw a girl in the hallway screaming in Thai “rat! rat! AAAAaaaah!!!!

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